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Unfortunately I have decided to give up my Moto G 2015.
Not that it's a bad phone, I rather liked it.
The deal breaker for me was the non serviceable battery, and the lack of a notification light.
I really don't understand how people like having to physically move their phone to check for messages and texts.I did try a few apps to "Flash" the camera flash unit, but, they are limited to flashing only for 30 seconds when you receive a notification.
Not really what I need when I could be away from my phone for longer than that.
Piked up the ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser today and it is every bit as much a good phone as the Moto, and has a replaceable battery, and notification light.
Definitely not saying the "G" isn't a great phone, it is.
But if you are like me and need a notification light, for your loud work environment, and you could be away from your phone for a good length of time, I definitely recommend you shop around.
Wasn't aware the "G" didn't have the light when purchased, or I would have skipped over it.
That said, I did a little more research this time, and the Zenfone 2 Laser is the one to beat for me.
Same price point as the Moto G and does a bit more, WITH all the unlocking features on the ASUS site.
Maybe this will help someone searching for the same parameters as me.
Good luck to all here in the Moto Community, and thanks for every ones assistance in the past.


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It's official.  Carrie Fisher (AKA Princess Leia) wins the Internet this week.  If you have six minutes, watch her interview in full.  

She is the best.

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I am a regular listening of Penn Jillette's podcast, which is how I heard about Ray Cronise.  As a scientist, he has helped Penn to lose more than 100 pounds.  Heck, it's not just Penn, it's many others around the world.  Here is our chat with Ray on #TheFeed.

iTunes --

Podbean --

P.S.  We also have +Lara Killian and +Andrew Baron, so check it out.  If you like the show, please leave us a review on iTunes.

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Who likes @Lego?! 

As we approach the holidays, a fast 5 minutes on the future of TOYS, TOYS, TOYS!

Thanks to all your amazing feedback on +Delta  #TechDownload .  Season 2 is mostly online, so check it out (above link will take ya there).

Share with your friends who want smart gift ideas for their kidlets.

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OK, I have a new girl tech crush.  Loved chatting with Katie Linendoll on this episode of #TheFeed. #HalloweenTech


Plus, the amazing +Scott Stratten and Memory Bob join us! cc +15secTech 

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