Tip 10/50: Create A Mini Blog on Google+
Google+ posts are treated like web pages which are not only indexed in search results but accrue their own page rank, can attract links and can help drive traffic to your main website!

Did you know that Google+ allows you 100,000 characters for each post? This is easily enough to create well-argued articles on any topic and with a little formatting (more on this in a moment), which demand attention and engagement. After all, isn't this what we're all after?

The benefits of Google+ mini blogs (G+MB):
► Unlike your website blog, G+MBs are near-instantly indexed in Google meaning audiences searching for information can find you almost as soon as you hit the publish button
► Your G+MBs automatically create Authorship snippets (without having to implement any code) and arguably get preferential rankings in Google (more so for your followers)
► G+MBs are a great way to get more real-estate in Google. In addition to your website pages showing up, your posts will too meaning the likelihood of someone clicking your result is higher
► Your G+MBs get instant readers as they show up in your follower's streams instantly - instant audience
► Well-formatted and interesting mini-blogs tend to do favourably in engagement terms compared to link shares or basic text posts 
► People don't have to navigate away from Google+ to another website in order to read what you have to say. They can expand, read, absorb, share/comment/+1 and be on their way
► However there is a drawback when comparing G+MBs to posts on your own blog/website. Current formatting only allows bold, italic and strikethroughs - you cannot have different fonts or font sizes. Also, you cannot embed multiple rich content elements (videos, images etc) in the post itself. You can however assign one image/.gif or video to the post as an attachment. It is also difficult to brand your G+MBs as you would on your own blog.

OK, so back to formatting; +Dustin W. Stout has a brilliant post on his blog which describes the 7 key elements that make up a super-engaging Google+ post (in fact these #googleplus50 tips follow that exact anatomy so big thanks to Dustin!) Check it out here: http://dustn.tv/perfect-post/

This is just one of many Google+ tips, you can find more tips like this from the #googleplus50 series here: http://www.rickeliason.com/things-to-do-on-google-plus/


► If you want to expand on this with an additional point or idea, please comment below so others can learn from your awesomeness!

► Additionally, if you want to contribute tip I haven't yet covered in this series, please feel free to ping me and I will credit you if I use it!

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