Tip 7/50: Add A Large Image To Your Post
Google+ is a very visual platform where the most attractive posts demand the most attention and can be the difference between getting a +1/share and not...

All text-based posts should have an accompanying image and when sharing a link. You can also replace the default thumbnail image with a different (more attention-grabbing) image when sharing a link.

There are several benefits to attaching a large image to posts:
► Posts with images tend to get more engagement (+1's/Comments/Shares)
► Large, horizontal images have more chance of triggering larger multi-column posts (aim for high-res, 1200+ pixels wide for best chance)
► Images allow you to see how many times your posts get shown in feeds by monitoring image views (click into the image and expand the Photo details on the right-hand side) which gives you some idea as to your post reach/visibility

This tip was inspired by +Louie Baur's post here:  http://bit.ly/1khyEC9

This is just one of many Google+ tips, you can find more tips like this from the #googleplus50 series here: http://www.rickeliason.com/things-to-do-on-google-plus/


► If you want to expand on this with an additional point or idea, please comment below so others can learn from your awesomeness!

► Additionally, if you want to contribute tip I haven't yet covered in this series, please feel free to ping me and I will credit you if I use it!
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