Tip 8/50: Learn The Various Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts
Did you know you can streamline your Google Plus experience with these nifty short cuts?...

Note: These short cuts also work in Gmail!

To bring up the list of short cuts (usually a letter or character on the keyboard) simply press the '?' key. It may take a little while to memorise and master these, but doing so will make your G+ experience even more enjoyable and efficient!

A few highlights include:
j = next post
k = previous post
o = expand/collapse current post
n = next comment on current post
p = previous comment on current post
r = comment on current post
/ = search
? = open short cuts 

Thanks to Brian at +hongkiatcom Weblog for this one. See the original article here: http://bit.ly/1dxoN5F

This is just one of many Google+ tips, you can find more tips like this from the #googleplus50 series here: http://www.rickeliason.com/things-to-do-on-google-plus/


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