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Tip 1/50: Create A Killer Hovercard
The first tip of the series is an important one so spend some time playing around and getting it right

A hovercard is the little box that pops up when you place your cursor over someone's name which shows you a little bit more about them and their personality.

It is from this hovercard that many people decide whether to follow that person or not which is why it is so important to craft a compelling, interesting and intriguing hovercard and "sell" yourself as someone worth following.

How? Your hovercard contains 6 elements of which, 3 can be edited and optimised including:

► Cover Photo - show creativity and personality
► Profile Image - use a real photo, not an avatar
► Tagline - in around 45-55 characters, what should people expect from you and your posts?

It is also recommended to include your location (which might entice users nearby to follow you) and your current place of work/education. Both of these can be edited in your "About" section (details from +Virante Marketing here:

This tip was inspired by +Stephan Hovnanian's excellently thorough post found here: 

This is just one of many Google+ tips, you can find more tips like this from the #googleplus50 series here:

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► If you want to expand on this with an additional point or idea, please comment below so others can learn from your awesomeness!

► Additionally, if you want to contribute tip I haven't yet covered in this series, please feel free to ping me and I will credit you if I use it!
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Excellent, thanks so much +Stephan Hovnanian - hadn't really given cross-pollination on Pinterest much thought until now!
+Rick Eliason cross pollination is an absolute beast for Google Plus. The next thing you'll want to learn about is Friends+Me which allows you to share your G+ profile and page content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. It's a premium fee-based service to do it from pages, but let me tell you, it is gold
Hi +Rick Eliason - you may want to fix the link in this post - the asterisk has broken it. I am going to reshare all of your tips starting today! These are awesome!
+Rick Eliason liking the tips. At first google plus was interactive and engaging then it fell off from my clutter of circles and over following. Also the lack of knowing tricks to Google plus
Awesome tips, thank you for sharing them. Wish I had found you sooner!  I feel like I am lost in 'Google+', but learning slowly!
I'm a bit late to the party and have only just found this fantastic series of posts. Thank you so much +Rick Eliason, looking forward to the rest in due course !
Hello! thank you very much for your advice, but I personally love google+ missing tools to organize publications, which you advise me? thanks
+Rick Eliason
This is really helpful and just so I know where it is I shared to both my personal and business pages
You're welcome +Tim Colling, it does take a while to get through it but I promise it will be worth it! 
Great tip! Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see where it tells you how to do it.
Great post.  Thanks for sharing.  It gives me something to work on tonight.
Thanks for posting as I have been trying to find out on how to do these, and surprisingly no one would answer lmao, (maybe my breath stinks lol)
Great tip!! Never realised this existed. Excited to be one step further to solving the G+ mysteries :D
There's many more mysteries to come +sheona hamilton-grant, hopefully this series solves a few of them but I'm always up for expanding the list!  
+Rick Eliason excellent! Will make sure to stay tuned, keep the learning curve on an up and point out any new mysteries I really cannot solve :D
Wow that looks awesome +Christian Verano :) thanks for sharing the link - hopefully others will be inspired to do something fact I've just had an idea of my own! Stay tuned...
Thank you +Rick Eliason! :) I'm really glad you liked it! That's what I've thought. Given this feature, we might as well use it. And I always thought dynamic is better than static covers.. Of course! I sure will :)
Not 1 tip I seen tells me how to post a profile pic
Very important to have a picture that really represents the message you are attempting to deliver. 
+Rick Eliason and +Stephan Hovnanian and +Scott Buehler and +Christine DeGraff can I ask you all a question?

First, let me just say this conversation here is what I have been struggling with for the longest time, cross pollination. As a Musician/Solo Music Artist/Guitar Tumblr a better platform, better investment of time, compared to Pinterst? I am thinking yes? According to what I've been reading it seems to be so.

The problem I have been having here with Social Media and finding a way to brand myself is there is a fine line that can get crossed rather quickly if I come across to much like a sales person, rather than a Musician/Artist/Teacher. I understand, and appreciate the need for having a "brand", but I don't want to present myself as a "Brand." Does that make sense? So, I am left with the question: How does an individual Brand oneself using this cross-pollination? And, are there certain social platforms besides Google+ and Facebook that are best suited for this?
+Stephan Hovnanian est it wants me to register and login to view your link. Never have seen a pinterest site. Is there a way to look without registering?
+Alan DeRossett you don't have to register on Pinterest to view content there. But the link in Rick's post goes to my blog, no registration required. Sorry I'm a bit confused as to what you're asking
+JamesScottGuitar that's a deep question and probably goes a bit beyond the scope of this thread. But as far as branding yourself, think of it in terms of how people who don't know you will perceive you when they encounter your content or your social media profiles. You definitely want to make sure that first impression is a good one, right?
+Christine DeGraff Oh, cool! I will try to work that in. Today has turned out to be tightly scheduled. But, I will see what happens.

Thank you so much for the invite!
Hey +Rick Eliason which tip had the link to those useful emoji/symbols that you use in your G+ posts, I can't find it...
+Rick Eliason Thank you for the great series of tips that are well written! I'm just struggling to see how to add a description/tagline to my hovercard - please could someone help?
My pleasure +Jodie Long! In your "About" tab (under your cover image) you should have the option to add various details about yourself including a tagline. Gimme a shout if you're still having problems.
Ok lovely thanks +Rick Eliason. I seem to have already done this but I don't know how to view it myself, is there a way for either me or you to check it? 
Thanks for the great cu ration job +Dennis Labelle on Google+ tips from +Rick Eliason
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