Tip 33/50: Track Circle Shares With CircleCount
Learn who includes you in a shared circle, why, and how you can thank them!

Did you know you can share circles of people you have created? This is a great way to spread awareness of a related group of Plussers so that others can add them easily.

Its easy to share a circle of people;
1. Open the slide-out on the left side of the screen and select "People".
2. Click "Your Circles" along the top bar which will show all your circles at the bottom.
3. Click into the one you want to share, and then under "Actions" select "Share this Circle".

In fact you may even have been included in a circle share! If you have had an unusual boost in followers, chances are you have been shared with others either as an individual or as part of a circle.

If you would like to find out more about your involvement in a circle share I suggest using +CircleCount. Using this tool you can see each and every circle share you have been involved in which lists:
► The creator of the circle
► The number of people in the circle
► The engagement that circle share attracted
► A link to the original post on Google+  

This is great! Not only do you discover the reason for the spike in followers, you can thank the creator, re-share the post and build relationships with others in the circle. These "pre-organised" circles can be a great way to inject some extra life into your Google streams too!

NOTE: Beware of circle sharing schemes that offer no value but clog up your streams with irrelevant people. Most posts go along the lines of "Here is my circle of awesome people, everyone +1, ADD and Re-share!" These tend to have the maximum amount of people in them (500) rather than carefully crafted circles of less than 100 or so and are designed to get the originator (who is usually included) lots of new followers

Interested to learn more? Check out The Great Shared Circle Debate - a brilliant discussion with lots of great points by +David Oldenburg, +Christine DeGraff, +Keith Bloemendaal, +John Skeats,  +Randy Hilarski and +Shawn Manaher! Well worth a watch.    


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