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Rick Coplin
Seasoned Entrepreneur | Speaker | Biz Coach | Team Catalyst | Husband | Dad | Friend | Musician
Seasoned Entrepreneur | Speaker | Biz Coach | Team Catalyst | Husband | Dad | Friend | Musician

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Can you pitch as well as an 8th grader? It might take us, as adults, much greater effort to produce a genuine, heartfelt and effective pitch... 

Brooke Yoakam is the youngest participant in Concept Academy at +Rev1 Ventures. She was also the youngest presenter at Rev1’s Fall 2015 Demo Day. Brooke is in the eighth grade.

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Are you developing a business plan for your business? Make sure it supports operating and growing your business and is not a marketing document.

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When you're building a #startup company, your team makes all the difference. #Investors evaluate individuals and teams in a variety of ways. Here's five qualities that can distinguish a great team.

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Entrepreneurs encounter setbacks and failures on regular basis. What distinguishes those who are successful has everything to do with how failure is encountered and handled.

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Are you an entrepreneur building a high growth company that needs funding? There are many ways to go about creating investor interest.

The best way is to build a great company first.

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I am honored to be a guest on Todd Cook’s Minutes Not Money podcast today!

Todd and I talk about success and failure, the importance of family and priorities, entrepreneurial challenges, the role of social media in business, personal values and principles, and the foundational importance of a Mastermind group to success.

Key quote in our conversation: “Be patient for results and impatient for actions that produce results.”

Check out Todd's podcast - he has had some amazing guests and sight filled discussions.

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On Tuesday, May 5th, my friend +Andy Traub  is hosting a webinar at 2:00 EST to help us understand and use Evernote to get organized and stay that way. 

During the webinar, he'll open up his online course for the first time ever. I've had a sneak peak over the past two months, and the course ROCKS. As a result, I have developed an organizational system using Evernote that supports my professional and personal life.

If you are thinking "I already know how to use Evernote" - that's what I thought too. Check out Andy's video "40 Things Content Creators Can Use Evernote For" ( ) to get a sampling of how valuable the webinar and the Master Evernote course will be for you.

Click the link below to register.

I'll be sitting in on the webinar to learn too. Send me a message and let me know what you think if you register for the webinar.

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I had no idea what I was getting into when I joined a friend’s startup. I had a successful background in consulting and leading a technology group for a super-regional bank. I went from a company of 90,000 to being employee number three.

None of our team had any startup experience. We learned how to think and work like a startup and as a team as we went. We made significant mistakes along the way.

I also learned more than at any time in my life. Here's 5 key takeaways for entrepreneurs.

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Honored to be interviewed on the +JenningsWire Podcast today! In 8 minutes, we talk about:

1) Going from a Fortune 100 company to a startup
2) What I would do differently moving to a startup next time, and
3) 5 things successful entrepreneurs do that drive results

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Are you building your startup and feeling the need to raise funds to fuel growth?

Early in a startup's life, it is difficult to raise funds from professional investors. There's just not enough proof that your idea will gain traction and provide the returns experienced investors need. Banks won't loan money unless the business has collateral to protect their funds.

As a result, entrepreneurs turn to friends and family members for loans and small investments to get them through these early stages. This is a viable, but risky strategy. I've put together 7 common pitfalls to avoid with friends and family funds.
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