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Rick Colosimo
Ranger Tab, Cornell Lawyer: I solve fuzzy and messy problems for businesses.
Ranger Tab, Cornell Lawyer: I solve fuzzy and messy problems for businesses.

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Since you almost never need to fax, having a good backup is really helpful.

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Funny that you have to work backwards in most cases, unless you know where you live, can't move, and have to find a job in the right spot.

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How do you assign ownership percentages among founders without forming a corporation? See my answer.

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I enjoyed reading these not-so-subtle tips from a writer I really love. I think reading this one page has made me a better writer already. Awesome.

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great, great pic of Haunama Bay, east of Waikiki. Snorkel at the underwater fish park/preserve and be wowed.
Snorkeling is an interesting metaphor for finding your way in life.

When you stay in shallow water, you can barely see what's in front of your face. The waves churn up the sand from the ocean floor, clouding your vision. You feel safe, but you're more likely to cut yourself on the reef.

The farther out you go, the deeper it gets, and the more clearly you can see things. It's scary out there. You worry you might drown, but if you relax, breathe deeply, and keep looking into the depths, your body naturally floats. You're actually safer in the depths. It's beautiful out there.

I came up with this idea, fully formed in my head while I was snorkeling @ Hanauma bay here in Hawaii, where I am right now. It felt surreal to think of this while I was alone and hearing only the sounds of the ocean. Most of my thoughts develop through writing, so this was a unique feeling for me.

Update: I wrote the preceding text back in August (, I'm re-posting it now. In the original post, I mentioned wanting to come back and take my own photo... I did that few days ago, so here's my old post with my new photo. I had to trespass to get this shot, which added to my excitement that I was getting something unique. I definitely recommend visiting Hanauma if you're in Oahu. :-)

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This gal is 9x sweeter in real life; more down to earth than anyone would guess. Give her a listen!
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