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Version 3.9.6 is now available!

The update fixes the compatibility issues with Android Nougat as well as some other bugs.

In this version intruders will also be detected when they click on the "ok" button on the fake crash dialog :)

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I decided to separate the "normal" news from the beta news.

So from now on updates about regular version of FingerSecurity will be posted on FingerSecurity's new Google+ Page

The beta community will still be used for updates about the beta versions as well as support / feature requests :)

Version 3.9.4 brings bug fixes and improved translations.

version 3.9.3 fixes a security issue!

Users that have installed FingerSecurity after 30 July 2016 might need to set their alternative password again.

To check if you are affected by this try to unlock an app with your alternative password (click on the app icon on the FingerSecurity lockscreen). If you are still able to unlock your apps with the password on version 3.9.3 then no action is required.

In case your password is no longer working then it has been reset to "1234". Please set your password again in the settings of FingerSecurity (by clicking on the "alternative password" option).

I am sorry for the inconvenience!

version 3.9.2 brings:
- A couple bug fixes
- Minor UI changes
- Improved translations

Version 3.9.1 will bring you improved translations as well as some bug fixes.
The intruder detection options have also been improved.

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FingerSecurity now has a website with some key information about the app!

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So let me explain the new intruder detection options!

There are 3 levels of detection:
- Disabled (This kind of explains itself :P ).
- Medium detection, a picture will be taken when a) someone scans a finger but the finger is not registered or allowed to unlock the app. b) someone enters an incorrect alternative password.
- High detection, a picture will be taken as soon as an error occurs during the authentication process. This covers all cases of the medium detection but will also take a picture when for example the quality of the scanned fingerprint was too low.

When an intruder has been detected then you will see the "intruder level" it can be:
- High, this indicates if the intruder tried to enter the app(e.g. enter a wrong password or scan a wrong finger)
- Medium, this indicates that the protected app was opened but the intruder didn't actually provide a readable fingerprint or password. (e.g. the fingerprint quality was too low).

Last but definitely not least: there is also an option called "intruder notification" this option will show a notification when an intruder has been detected. The notification will appear as soon as you have successfully unlocked a protected app.

Both of the options can be overwritten on a per app basis!

The options are part of the "Intruder Detection" premium product and can be purchased on the premium page in the app.
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They are finally here!
In version 3.9 you will find the following new options:
- Fake crash on a per app basis
- Intruder detection

The update also contains some bug fixes :D
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