Chrome is finally shipping smooth scrolling - please stop trying to do it yourself from JavaScript!

Smooth scrolling (animating the scroll position on mouse-wheel click or keyboard press) is one of our oldest open chromium feature requests ( Thanks to +Steve Kobes​​ and Yash Malik, we're now shipping this feature in Chrome 49! See!msg/chromium-dev/UhE1rxzhkkk/fxUQqTWRDQAJ for details.

A few websites have wanted their users to experience smooth scrolling badly enough that they've relied on a JavaScript library to provide it. Such libraries consume all wheel events and implement their own scrolling animation. Now that all major browsers natively support smooth scrolling, you should no longer depend on these libraries. They have the major disadvantage of being bad for scroll performance (they defeat browser's threaded scrolling optimizations). If that's not enough, we're hoping to fix a bug in blink that old versions of a popular SmoothScroll.js library accidentally depended on, and when we do that any sites still using it will stop scrolling with mouse and keyboard entirely! See for details.

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