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In Chrome 36 DevTools now faithfully emulates touch with mouse.

DevTools used to rely on some hacks to emulate a touchscreen on a device without touch, but there were lots of reasons why this wasn't very faithful to what really happens on a touch device (eg., and it could easily lead to bugs in your site that you wouldn't notice and couldn't reproduce on a laptop wtihout touch.

I've been talking with the DevTools folks for over a year about how we'd ideally fix this, and it's finally landed in Chrome 36 (currently in dev channel).  We've moved all our gesture recognition code for Android from Java (android-specific) to a common place in chromium (written now in C++ - see  Among other benefits, this allowed us to wire it up to DevTools touch emulation to use almost the EXACT SAME code path that touch events follow on Android.  See for details.
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