Are there any Mediums or Psychics on here - people who are interested in developing their gifts and want to be in a circle of like-minded people?
NOT for selling readings - this is for developing / chatting / sharing.
I have been trying to find any New Age type circles on here - people interested in crystals, tarot, healing, mediumship, psychic matters etc. etc. but haven't really found any.

I have a few people already in my circles that I have found along the way but there doesn't seem to be any specific Shared Circles for any New Age type groups, whereas there are many such groups on Facebook.

As we all keep our posts "normal" it is hard to know who is interested in these other things as well and it would be good to have circles for our other spiritual interests but I couldn't find any in my searches.

So if you are interested in any of these things please comment below and say what your interests are and which circle(s) you would like to be in. If you are happy to be in a Shared Circle then I could put the circle(s) together and we could post Limited to the circle(s).
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