You're brainwashed to believe fluoride is good for you. I won't be surprised if you continue believing that. We are creatures habit. Change your paradigm and wake up. Read the toothpaste tube to where it says if swallowed call Poison Control. Yet You brush that off just like you brush your teeth. The worst thing is it's everywhere in your water in the restaurants at the schools in bottled water except:

Distilled water

And the ones that have a lot to gain like the doctors the dentist pharmaceutical Industries and the people that give you that social security check.

Your health is not at their best interest.

People with kidney problems that are going through dialysis are told by their doctors to drink distilled water for three months.

Brainwashing is so disgusting

Let's make America great Again by making you people great again.

Remember this not something new, they been putting fluoride into our tap water over 50 years and when they do that they are wearing respirators and Hazmat suits pump it into the water supply.
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