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Bizarre Species of Miniature Dinosaur from South Africa Identified

A long forgotten piece of rock excavated in 1960s South Africa has yielded a cool find: a miniature, fanged plant-eaters known as heterodontosaurs.

Full story at the NY Times:

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Do any of you think it looks like a chicken, or something else? I'd welcome comment.
I'm pretty happy that the dinosaurs today are only bird sized :))
Well wouldn't want to try and take its eggs from it. But very cool discovery. Serious teeth going on in there, quite aggressive looking for something so small.
The mouth reminds me a bit of a baboon.
Im from S.A and this is where it all started ......and according to scientists is where it will end 21-12-12
Malema is a little political shit stirrer ....thicker than 40 planks
mini dinosaur ?? its looks like BARNEY & FRIENDS...haha
The interesting thing about this is that it's an ornithischian.  We know that many saurischians (the dinosaurs closely related to and including birds) had feathers, but body coatings are much rarer among ornithischians (I think we only know that the Psittacosaurs had them, and then only on their tails).  This dinosaur might show that non-scale body-coatings are much more common among dinosaurs of all sorts, and might have had a common ancestry (meaning these quills might be homologous to feathers).
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