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I have been immersed in marketing of Art since 1980 when the first Gallery was opened.
I have been immersed in marketing of Art since 1980 when the first Gallery was opened.

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A Marvellous Reality:

A New Painting by Victor Vincente HUERTA Batista in Collaboration with Richard Wiebe.
Cuban Art Beat has recently added to its collection a new painting by Havana artist Victor Vincente HUERTA Batista. This unusual work is evolved from a collaboration between the Cuban artist and Canadian photographer Richard Wiebe. The origin of this work is fascinating. Richard has been visiting Havana regularly for about 10 years. On these visits he scouts out new art for Cuban Art Beat and practices his own art form, photography. He generally stays in the oldest part of the city where the buildings have not yet been repaired. He characterizes the urban environment he prefers as ‘gritty’. His favourite Havana neighbourhood is one where the inhabitants expand their living quarters by frequently occupying the street in front of their apartments. This connection between life inside and life outside is the subject of Richard Wiebe’s photography. His works are a combination of visual documents of traditional and quickly vanishing Cuban urban life as well as sensitive portraits of those who inhabit old Havana.

Richard developed the routine of riding his bicycle through the quarter with his camera always at the ready. One day he happened upon a man, seated in front of his home. He was wearing sunglasses and carrying a long walking stick Richard snapped a picture while still astride his bicycle. The photograph shows a rather serious fellow in a striped shirt seem against the darkened entrance to his apartment building. His walking stick draws the eye diagonally up to the crumbling wall of the façade that is decorated with brightly coloured, crumbling ceramic tiles. We see in the two lenses of the man’s glasses reflections of Richard on his bike taking the photograph.
Richard Wiebe took a print of this photograph to the painter Victor Vincente HUERTA Batista. Born in Camagüey in 1972, Victor Huerta moved to Havana and since has pursued a very successful career as an artist. Recently18 of his paintings were exhibited in the University of Arizona Museum of Art (2007). Screenshot 2014-10-10 13.30.39
Richard asked Victor Huerta if he could paint an interpretation of the photograph. What came of this commission is a combination of a photorealist style self-portrait with a precise rendition of the reflection in the artist’s glasses and surreal fantasy. The blue hallway in the background in the photograph has been replaced by cubist inspired pattern, while the walking stick, now enlivened with painted decoration, and the colored tile decoration on the right have been retained. Huerta’s addition of a clothesline in the foreground, supporting an assortment of dream characters, is a reflection of the pictorial world which he inhabits. A nude woman with a pile of laundry on her head balances precariously on a chair sitting teetering on a magically suspended rope. She apparently is just beginning her act, pushing off from the sight-challenged subject’s cheek. A life ring is pegged to the rope standing ready if the naked woman, or the yellow bearded, man-bird, or the detached hand with a fluorescent light wrist-band, or the white flag waving man in a chair suspended from a pulley, should fall from their fantastic perches. Huerta in his painting transformed the reality of Richard Wiebe’s photograph into the world of “lo real maravilloso” or marvellously real that imbues so much of Cuban art with a unique magical flavour. So successful was this collaboration between photographer Richard Wiebe and the painter Victor Huerta that the two have agreed that this work will be the first in a projected series of paintings after Richard’s photographs. Richard Wiebe’s photographs and Victor Huerta’s paintings are available at Cuban Art Beat.
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i visited ester chacon last night.

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summer time sunset

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This was taken on Neptuno calle in Havana in which is an artery of old cars heading out of the City that operate as a Taxi collective. They pick up passengers until they are filled at a fraction of the cost of a metered cab. A GREAT source of images.
#streetphotography   #cuban   #cubancars   #colorstreetphotography  
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