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Snow canyons around my home.
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Walkway to the house
Oil tank access
Path to the shed
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On my way to work yesterday I saw a snow plow capable of clearing an entire travel lane being driven down the main street in the area, I wasn't sure where it was going. When I got home there was evidence that it had visited my neighborhood as the snow at the edge of the street now had vertical walls and there was a thick line of snow through people's yards.  The operator was conscientious enough to redirect the output when nearing driveways and cleared walkways so that not much snow was put where people had done a lot of work to remove it.
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Richard Whalen

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I have the latest installed in my Chrome browser and on my phone and tablet.  My phone and tablet are sharing notifications, but they aren't appearing on my monitor from Desktop Notifications like they have in the past.  All are signed in.
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Chrome appears in the list of connected devices, so I tried the sign out/sign in and the test notification now works. 
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Another instance of Ingress intel map brokenness:,-72.741197&z=17

there is a portal that is maintaining links, yet it only has 3 resonators
The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Join my faction in Ingress - a global game of mystery, intrique and conquest.
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+Shadow Blasko aww man. I've been there. I find a bag of chips a soda and staring out the window blankly for about 23 minutes helps. Or maybe go smash a farm. Glad it's just a case of the cranky and not much more serious :) I hope things get better for you today!
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Richard Whalen

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Sometimes out away from home and the office and see something that looks like a portal, hack it, and end up with a key that I probably will never get a chance to use.  What do others do with keys that they have little use for? Recycle them? Create a list of keys to offer to others?
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Nexus Giveaway
How to qualify?: share public & +1 & follow us

We also like to welcome you on our new community! (

Prize for Nexus 7 Giveaway |  7 JAN 2013: 1 Nexus 7 32GB incl shipping with +FedEx 

Terms and Conditions: 
-Contest Nexus 7 Giveaway |  7 JAN 2013  ends 12:00 CET January 7, 2013
-Contest open to all human inhabitants of Planet Earth where +FedEx will deliver
-Excluded: Employers, Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers of +PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) 
-Requirments: +1 original post Nexus 7 Giveaway |  7 JAN 2013 and follow +PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) , share Nexus 7 Giveaway |  7 JAN 2013 public
-All valid submissions will be placed into a pool, from which the winner will be chosen at random using
- Winner will be notified via Google Plus
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Snow removal tasks completed.
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It was zipped up all the way and I had the hood on.
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- Appeal category: Rejected new submission
- Portal Title: Pittsfield State Forest
- City, Region and Country: Pittsfield, MA, USA 
- Lat/Long: 42.481252,-73.301392

1041 Cascade St. Pittsfield, MA 01201

This is a public state forest that offers camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. The picture was taken in late June 2014.

+NIA Ops 
Ready for #PortalAppealReview 16 to 1. 
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Review this appeal! [Yes]
Not a valid/complete appeal. [No]
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Resubmitted and verified location information
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Have Ingress News reports replaced media objects from hacks?
I haven't hacked out a media object since news items started popping up in my scanner app.The media objects had the advantage of you could look at them when it was convenient (and recycle them for a few XM). You have to look for news if you dismiss it from your scanner when it comes up when you don't want to look at it.
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Just as it would be extraordinarily helpful to have a list of portals held, a list of portals visited, and a list of portals favorited ....

it would be helpful to have a reverse chronological list of recent past news items. This could even appear next to the alerts tab

These lists need not take inventory space

+Niantic Project +Brandon Badger

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Richard Whalen

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Alright, they are obviously not really sisters, but they are humorous.

When do I get my box from Niantic Labs?

Richard Whalen

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We took VT Rte 15 from Jefferson to Burlington to do some bike riding. The GPS suggested a different route at first that it said involved dirt roads, but we had and followed directions that kept us on paved roads. On the way back the GPS again said that dirt roads were necessary, we ignored it, intending to follow the directions that we had. We got off of I89 at VT15, which was an exit before the GPS route, and it calculated a new route. Though we tried to follow VT15, we missed a turn somewhere when the GPS directed us a different way. We found ourselves in an area that didn't have the shopping centers that we had seen on the way out, but the view was nice. Since we were time limited and the computed route showed that we would get back in time with only minutes to spare we didn't try turning around. We knew we were going the right way due to the location of the mountains and the compass indicator. After a couple of turns we found ourselves on the promised dirt road. Then it got more interesting as the road got steep and then narrowed to one lane. Eventually the road returned to two lanes and we got back to pavement. After a steep down hill and a sharp turn we were on VT108, which is where we wanted to be.

I guess it's time to either buy a new GPS or new maps for the current GPS.
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Richard Whalen

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I'm Giving Away a PAIR of Transporters!
If you haven't already seen the Transporter (, it's a unique new drive technology that lets you replicate all of your files (or just the ones you want) to other physical locations.  So you put Transporter "A" at home, and Transporter "B" at work.  They stay synced up through the InterTubez automagically!

Well, our friends over at the Transporter project gave me a PAIR to give away to one of YOU! :-)  Here's how you win:

1) Do you have me in a Circle? Yeah! Step 1 complete.
2) Circle +FileTransporter! 
3) Publicly share this post.

You're done!!!

What, you want more chances to win? :-)  Ok, leave a comment below telling me what you'll do with a couple of these for another chance.  I plan to share my movies and stuff with family.  How about you?

WHAT? You still want MORE chances to win? :-P  Ok, well, +Cali Lewis *is giving away another pair* right here:

Of course, the best thing you can do is head over to the Transporter Kickstarter page and back the project!  I've already done it, and so have 342 other people!  They're 2/3rds of the way done!!!

PS - The giveaway is limited to the US.  Hopefully they'll have a successful Kickstarter launch and go International after that! :-D

PSS - You'll get yours after the development is complete.  So it'll take a couple months, but you'll be among the first to get one!!!
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The resort is working hard to make sure visitors have a good time in challenging weather.
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The office respect my time as I was seen quickly and the appointment was efficient.
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