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I had a couple of hours tonight to try and get the esp8266 nodemcu stack working in a VM - my advice after that wasted time - don't bother, use the docker image.

I'm working on making changes to the enduser_setup module, so it can take extra query parameters and write them to a file. That means at setup time, you can gather device specific information (such as which room the device is in, or which window) without jumpers or flashing the module specifically.

Once I have done that, its on to OTA support for my modules.

I decided that it was time to investigate the Compute Engine and so decided to take my website - timetable ninja - and investigate what it would cost to run on Google's infrastructure.

My AWS box is a shared 1.7Gb memory box - it costs me $US50 per month. The same box on GCE costs $US17 per month.

I figured I could do better, I only need nginx + a java web server - so I dropped to a 600mb shared, for a $5 per month, and a separate Cloud SQL instance (again 600mb) for $7 per month.

I could probably have gone cheaper going to Digital River or similar, but I really wanted to try out GCE.

It took me about an hour to get the runit, ssl keys, nginx config (i was using apache2 on aws), database imported, etc.

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Its interesting what +Kevin Marks says in this article. Having full traceability across the stack is something I insisted we needed on the last project, it really makes a difference in terms of discovering where problems are.

That carried into our current mixed Java/Node stack on Kubernetes that uses REST, and we recently added it to all of the SOAP headers, cross app event bus and Message Q meta-data. When e2e tests fail, whatever the cause, we get a full trace of where they went, what they did and where it failed - which is pretty useful.

One last thing I have laboured this last week on is full between service dialog logging - why? Because it allows you to create an automatic sequence diagram of exactly what happens across your microservice calls for easy documentation. And of course it inherits all the existing traceability - response times, etc.

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Little packets are rolling in

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Sure you don't want to come down for this +Roger Parkinson​ ?

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In case you haven't seen it yet
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Here’s what we’re looking for:
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Door handle broke off so my wife applied a quick patch!

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When I am testing the profile next, I better do it outside.

(Just adding blobs of paste to see at what point it melts, in this case it needed to stay for around 1 minute at the 250 degree temperature).


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+SAP - moving light slow lightning. Very slow lightning. Very. slow.

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