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Richard Soper
23. Geek. Equipped: iPhone 6 running iOS 9 beta, Nexus 5 and 10, MBP running OS X El Cap
23. Geek. Equipped: iPhone 6 running iOS 9 beta, Nexus 5 and 10, MBP running OS X El Cap

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Hahaha yes!

Nerds of the United States,

Do you want to use nfc payments and see them in more stores? Then let's tell people about the risks involved with the currentc concept. Its shouldn't take more than mentioning that companies like target and home depot want you to trust them with your bank account number after they were responsible for millions of stolen credit card numbers. 

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Motorcycling adventure yesterday.
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No matter what you want to say about #Apple, I just want to say Im so happy mobile payments were announced. Android and iOS users alike will benefit from this. If you want to cry Android did it first, just remember in about 6 months from now that Apple and the #iphone6  did  it better. 

This is coming from a very happy Nexus 5 owner btw. Not an Apple fanboy, just someone who loves to see technology win :)

Ive just sent off my presentation to the senior area manager for the application Im making. Hopefully I get the stamp of approval from the senior staff and then I can get back to rolling it out and updating the code. This is even more nerve racking than the interviews I just went through. 

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I hate drivers in my neighborhood. 

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Im just about finished assembling all the pieces to this deck. Its a legacy mono-white control deck. Not really for competitive play. What do you guys think? 

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This is the perfect way to describe it
When Obama appointed former telecom lobbyist, Tom Wheeler, as FCC chairman a year ago, I imagine the cable companies were all like...

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Even Russia knows better when it comes to GMO foods. The FDA is such a joke. They only care about corporate interests like the rest of our government. 
Russia along with MANY other countries have banned GMO's..
Yet our country is in bed with Monsanto and friends... and people here read from sources that monsanto and friends support and think GMO's are OK...     NOT!!!
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