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The Age of Consent
I. We live in an age of consent, or so we are supposed to
believe. Nothing is supposed to be done to us without our having been
consulted. That’s democracy and, in a democracy, there can’t be any such thing
as compulsory ideas – ideas which everyone has to ...

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Jokes and politics.
Purely by accident, I posted a satirical linkbait article to my Facebook feed, claiming that vegetarians are unhealthy and 'mentally disturbed'. (Obviously, my unconscious thought it was an important subject that I should raise). In the ensuing cackles, and...

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The case against 'exposing' fascists.
It is heart-breaking to live in the era of the Huffington Post "fact check" on Milo Yiannopoulos. I understand that the US media, having already elevated Trump to power (before vaingloriously styling itself as "the resistance"), has made it necessary to tak...

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On Forgetting Yourself
“I had forgot myself; am I not king?” – Shakespeare, Richard II I. There are some things (or somethings) that matter more than
happiness. Forgetting oneself is one of them. To remember that one is king – as
in, His Majesty the Baby, the primary narcissistic...

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Brexit, Labour voters and the working class.
There's a curious article in today's Guardian, written by a senior YouGov person -- the guy who runs UK Polling Report -- about the relationship between Labour voters and Brexit. On the face of it, it is a defence of Corbyn's position on Brexit. But it's a ...

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Clive Lewis, with perhaps one eye auspiciously assaying the Labour leadership, claims that UKIP are dangerously close to taking Stoke Central from Labour. Ironically, in saying this as a shadow cabinet minister, he is contributing to a general media buzz th...

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"Hard arguments"
I. A boycott is just a tactic, like any other. There was a fairly large protest against Trump in London today, part of the ongoing wave of protests which is galvanising an otherwise despondent Left and giving it some purpose and direction. It's a good, hope...

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Against omniscience
There is a style of political reasoning which the Trump moment lends itself to, which can be called conspiracism. The Trump base is itself galvanised by some quite outre conspiracy theories -- Obama the secret Muslim, covert socialism in the highest reaches...

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Under the sign of Saturn, a movement is born.
I. There has been non-stop chaos in the American state since Trump took office. This is partly, but not primarily, a matter of incompetence. There is no doubt that these moves could have been prepared for a lot better by the incoming Trump team.  Yet, I thi...

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The Philistine army
In the Book of Samuel, it says that when you hear the sound of marching on the tops of the mulberry trees, you'll know the move is on. Stir yourself, be alert, get ready: you're about to strike at the Philistine Army. But suppose, instead of stirring themse...
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