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Sometimes a dream will contain a long forgotten detail from childhood. Or a figure will appear that will remind us of someone we have not seen or been conscious of in decades. Other dreams can be filled with figures I call ancestral, stepping forth from the remote past in a manner that leaves us speechless.

Without speculating on how or why such experiences happen, I'd like to consider the importance of a receptive attitude. Numinous qualities within our dreams can be missed, overlooked, or disregarded due to a rigid frame of reference within consciousness.
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4 comments mindedness is always worth advocating for...
thanks for noting the analogy (and leading me to look up IAWTP...)
Living in the re-mix, I find these shadows or ghosts stepping foreword to reveal the threads that tie all spiritual paths back to the shamanic journey and a return to the One Tree.

Thank you for sharing this thought.
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