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Richard “Games Freezer” Pett
"Only The Coolest Video Games End Up In The Games Freezer"
"Only The Coolest Video Games End Up In The Games Freezer"

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☆ My SNES Mini Wishlist Video Is Now LIVE On YOUTUBE! ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite
(Picture Credit Link) The Games Freezer SNES MINI Wishlist Video Is Now LIVE On YOUTUBE! If You Get A Moment Then Go & Take A Look (take two looks if you want) <Here's The Video Nicely Embedded Into This Post> AND < Here's An Old School YouTube Retro Link J...

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Take A Look As Richard Runs Through His SNES Mini Wishlist?

What's On YOUR SNES Mini Wishlist?


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☆ Which Console Was Code-named Dolphin? ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite
After listening to the Bombcast podcast recently my memory was jogged on the subject of codenames for consoles before they were released to the general public.   Whenever we were privy to information on a new console pre-release it would be contained within...

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☆ The UK's Video Game Market is BACK! ☆ #RetroGaming
The UK's biggest market style event dedicated to video gaming is back and takes place in just under two weeks! Now in its fourth year, the  Video Game Market  is returning to the Doncaster Dome on the 25 th  February and will be the biggest event of its typ...

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☆ Get Involved In The Awesome Games Freezer Give Away! ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite
🕹 WIN ONE OF THESE AWESOME SUPER FAMICOM CARTS!   ☢️ Go To and  'FOLLOW THE FREEZER' by email ☢️  🎮You'll Be Entered Into The Games Freezer Giveaway On 15/03/17 To WIN One Of These Cool SUPER FAMICOM Cartridges! 👾 GO TO THE HOMEPAGE >...

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☆ 2017 "The Year Of Video Game Emulation?" ☆
Emulation of video games over the last 3 years seems to have come from the shadows of gaming into the mainstream in a big way. When I started this site in 2013, emulation was a dirty word only spoken about in hushed tones within a dark corner of a gamers fo...

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☆ Could This Become A Video Game? ☆
Sometimes you look at a TV show and instantly you think “Wow! That would make an awesome video game!” Often the reality is that a developer picks up the rights to do the game and makes a complete hash of it even though the source material is top notch. My l...

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☆ Gaming Memories: Sarahsharkbait And The Power Of Video Games ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite
This week we are happy to welcome you to another Friend Of The Freezer and their very own video games memories story to share with us all. Say hello to Sarah (Sarahssharkbait) from Today Sarah will tell us the story of how video games hav...

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☆ Goonies Meets X Files, Meets Stephen King's IT! ☆
It’s a Thursday morning and I’m cold to the bone. I’m walking to the train station to begin my journey into work and I enter the train carriage feeling like I need something to warm my soul. As I find a space on the packed commuter carriage I pull out my ph...

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☆ Review: "So grab your mouse, round up the mob, it's time to play OKHLOS OMEGA!" ☆ #GameDev
OKHLOS: OMEGA (PC) On February 6 th , Coffee Powered Machine released their largest update since their initial release back in August 2016. The update was so big that they aptly renamed the game Okhlos: Omega. This is truly a well-done mobocracy gaming expe...
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