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"Only The Coolest Video Games End Up In The Games Freezer"
"Only The Coolest Video Games End Up In The Games Freezer"

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☆Review: "Visit the land of ‘Hogswart’ (I didn’t make that up)" ☆ #GameDev
EPIC MANAGER - PC Made by ManaVoid Entertainment, it was funded on Kickstarter, it met CA$ 37,933 of its CA$ 35,000 goal, with it reaching the goal in November of 2014.  Two years on, in December of 2016, 1.0 was released on Steam, with a Mac port released ...

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☆ Mobile Game Of The Day - Gunblazer - Inspired By Galaga & Xenon..... ☆ #Retrogaming
Gunblazer is a retro arcade shoot em up inspired by classic Galaga, Xenon, etc. Your mission is to destroy the waves of incoming alien ships and kill their MASTER BRAIN leader.  Gunblazer features: Classic retro style top view shoot em up 3D Graphics with v...

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☆ Peasants Quest Will Brighten Up Your Day...☆ #Retrogaming
Have You Got A Spare Moment On This Friday Afternoon? Well If You Do One Thing Today Then Click This Link And Play The Brilliant Browser Game  "Peasants Quest"  It's Awesome ...... and it's retro, what more do you want to know!  Peasants Quest "Stay Frosty ...

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☆ Retroblox Is One Pretty Looking Console... ☆ #Retrogaming
Something that we haven't covered yet on Games Freezer is the exciting new retroblox Kickstarter campaign!  The images of this new modular machine have stirred up a lot of excitement in The Freezer and I thought it would be a good idea to share the official...

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☆ Exciting News For All NEO GEO Fans ☆ #Retrogaming #NeoGeo
I've just received some awesome news from BITMAP BOOKS relating to their next exciting retro gaming book..... It's going to be a Neo Geo Art Book!  Neo Geo has it's own beautiful art style that is both unique and beautiful, you can truly tell a Neo Geo Game...

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☆ GameBlast17 - Gamers Changing Lives 24-26 FEB 2017 ☆ #GameBlast17 #GamersUnite
It’s not long now until GameBlast 17 kicks off!  And I for one can’t wait for this brilliant video games fundraising event gets underway.  The event is organised by the amazing Special Effect Charity which looks to improve the lives of disabled gamers by ad...

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☆ HAMA Bead Pixel Art Is So Cool! ☆ #Retrogaming #PixelArt #GamersUnite
When it comes to HAMA Beads and Bead art I have been an admirer from afar for a while now. I always loved the sight of fellow gamers creating well-known sprites from well-known video games. There are some truly awesome works of bead art out there that inspi...

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🕹🎮This Year I Will Be Once Again Taking Part In The Charity Event GAMEBLAST!🎮🕹

It's organised by the charity Special Effect who help bring joy to disabled gamers up and down the country 😌

I'll be undertaking a video games marathon and running a live stream of my exploits 🎥

The thing is I need people to sponsor me over at my Just Giving page 💷

If ALL my G+ friends gave just £1 I'd smash my target 🎯

Please head over to my page now to donate a quick quid 💰


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☆ Pang Man Part 25: Cool Video Game Places: “The Kirby Café”- a missed opportunity! ☆ #GamersUnite
On my final day in Tokyo, I was feeling a bit peckish and so I decided to see if any gaming related restaurants were nearby. After a bit of digging, I found the perfect place to eat. It was an official Kirby-themed restaurant called the Kirby Café which loo...

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I'm looking to create a cool video games book on the subject of hand drawn video games maps. You know the ones that you would make of the Zork kingdom or that tricky dungeon in Wonderboy In Monsterland!!

What I need in order to achieve my dream of publishing this book is material from the retrogaming community.....

This is where you come in.....

If you have any examples to send me, then send them onto myself (Richard) at the email address.
I'm aiming to receive 100 maps that will be curated into an awesome retrogaming book! :)

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