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Richard Pennells
creative digital artist, landscape and nature photographer
creative digital artist, landscape and nature photographer


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really like this artist 's style of digital painting :-)

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Subarashiii !!!! (in other words I like it)
This look so much better when you view it at the proper dimensions, check it out at the website. Pixiv is a Japanese Art Community where incredibly talented artist display their works. By the way you can join from other countries :-)

Confused By Messaging
Hiya there +Google+ can anyone tell me how I share a message privately on Google Plus because I can't fathom it out ? Its not like I am new but things have changed so much here

+Caspar Thomas long time no see , just noticed your picture at nature in monochrome , I haven't been there for a while either as you can tell because it was posted 37 weeks ago :-) TBH I haven't done any creative photography recently but that doesn't mean I have lost my desire for it, just a dry spell . Hoping you're doing well ?

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Being a fan of #formula1 quite some time I find myself despairing about the newly proposed qualifying format, that the teams will be voting on this week. Sky F1 is running their own so have your say by visiting the site . There's already been a considerable amount of votes
Maybe someone can share it with them (f1 management et al) and show the views of followers of the Sport

On FilmFour
+Andy Gray I see there 's a film by Disney unidentified flying oddball that was set in Alnwick Castle I thought I recognised it from pictures you 've taken from in front of it :-) By the way its a terrible movie

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I haven't posted for a while but I found this earlier in the day and I thought I would share it with all you , #googleplus  users. Its a cover version of Night from the Elements by Ludovico Einaudi.  I really like the album by the way 
Enjoy this rendition by Dominique Charpentier :-)

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Well deserved third world title for #lewishamilton  he's being formidable this year ^_^ Awesome driving so glad you could equal your hero's tally of championships
#LH44   #TeamLH   #Mercedesamg  

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Tundransnow is my user name on by the way, just noticed I have reached 15,000 followers on #googleplus  thanks everyone ^_^

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I have recently updated my profile on the YouPic This a photo of mine from a few years ago , I have a variety of what I consider some of my best pictures there, so if you have time do have a browse :-)
Thank you all
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