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Another update. You can now view the photos, view and audio. Next to the canvas. The idea is that you can make classroom observations and then work through the canvas. Descriptors can be associated with the observation by dragging the descriptor on to the image/video/audio file. If you don't want to view these observations on this screen they can be easily hidden by using the option in the drop down menu next to the name of the learning model. I also plan to add this feature to the learning profile screen.

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Hi everyone, long time no speak! I want to give you a sneak peek at what I've been working on. In addition to the current Modern Learning Canvas web app, which is designed to facilitate teaching teams discussion around learning design and innovation. There is now a mobile view designed to make it easy to make classroom observations. This is still a bit buggy but it is now live on the site. If it doesn't automatically appear on your phone or table (after you've logged in) scroll to the bottom of the page and click "switch to mobile" I plan to iron out the bugs in the next couple of weeks. If you get a chance have a look, I'd love to hear your feedback.

All observations can be linked to indicators in the canvas, the learning profile, or the vision sections.
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Thank you to all the beta testers!  Without trying to sound like the boy who cried wolf, the site is getting really close to launch. There are a still a few bugs a few things to fix (sadly I found one while making the video below!) 

I intend to launch within the next ten days. So I've made a video to say thank you and to quickly show the new features.  Documentation is limited, something I'm working on this week. This video shows how communities and teams work, and how to add an observation. As indicated previously as a thank you, I've given all beta testers a free year at the top plan.

Thanks again to everyone, Richard

The pre, pre-release is up. For those in the beta, today I have upgraded the site with some major changes.  In a week or so, when I've finished polishing things I'll make a video explaining it all and also update the help information. I've thrown out the old menu that I worked on for months and could never get right and moved on to a simpler system. 

The site is by no means ready for launch but it is getting closer and closer, there are a few missing pieces (mainly in user admin), a few annoyances (mainly the menu and popup messages), and a lot of documentation and in-site prompts are needed, but if you want to kick the tyres and give feedback before we launch now (well the next couple of weeks) is your last chances!

Being beta testers expect to have to work things out yourselves but I'd be interested in your feedback.

If you're not in the beta... sometime in April I'll open registrations, it will be a soft launch but I'll post here.

Thanks again for everyone's help and feedback, we're getting there...

Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone for another year with the canvas.  As things have turned out, I missed my deadline to launch before the end of the year. Things may have seemed quiet but a lot is happening behind the scenes. That said, things are not far away and the web app should be good to go some time in January.

This year I've completely overhauled the canvas, combining it with the new developmental profile and quality frameworks. These are now part of the web app, though aren't documented yet, and need some small tweaks. This will be completed in the coming weeks.  I'll email everyone and post here, to offer everyone who is part of this group or involved in the beta, a free year subscription, as a thank you, when I'm ready.

My data collection for the schools I'm working with for my PhD is done/almost done (haven't really decided), and has gone better than I could've imagined. This year, I'll be pretty busy writing as I hope to finish the PhD before the end of 2016.

+Steve Brophy and I will be running a course sometime (early) next year to share the process and tools, and how Steve has been using them at his school. When we have more information about the course we'll let you know.

Thanks again for your support this year,

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A beerpedagogy christmas... what nights are 4th of December, 11th of December? I know calendars fill up so what works for everyone?
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December 4th
December 11th
November 27th
December 5th
December 12th

Back up now..
Site offline tomorrow Thursday October 29th.

Hi everyone, sorry for the short notice but I'll be taking the modern learning canvas offline tomorrow, probably for most of the day. The updates that we're planned and announced months ago and finally starting to happen.  Disappointingly this won't be final updates with other updates happening in a big push over the next month.  I hope to get the site finished some time early December, after that time, I'll set everyone up with the free accounts I promised.  There will be more information about the new features when I launch until then sorry but you'll have to work it out yourselves!  But feel free to ask questions and discuss the changes in this group.

Hope everyone is well, and thanks again for everyone's support with this, I really appreciate it, and your feedback has been most appreciated!

I'll post here when the site is back up, I'll take it offline about 9AM

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I've update the event notice, but in case you missed it. We've postponed IOI Weekend and are running a free 3 hour Taster session this Friday instead starting at 6PM.

RSVP and more information here:

It would be great if you can join us.

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I think +Mel Cashen is going to call an official Beer Pedagogy event.  However if you're interested in free beer then +Louise Bowe +Kynan Robinson and I are holding an IOI Taster evening this Friday May 15th 6PM at New Era - nibbles, beer/wine and a bit of fun. Maybe head out for a beer or two afterwards as well.

RSVP and more details here:

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New post. There's been a bit written lately about the full stack startup, full stack employee, and the full stack company, so I've had a go at imagining the full stack teacher... did I get it close?
Are you a full stack teacher?
Are you a full stack teacher?
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