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Richard Olpin
I'm a very reasonable man. Once.
I'm a very reasonable man. Once.

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Yet another +westerndigital external drive dead. Thankfully only a 2nd backup drive so nothing lost, but still pissed off that EVERY Western Digital drive I’ve owned has failed. This last one only lasted 18 months!

So, suggestions on a postcard please for reliable external drives. Anything other than #westerndigital   #fail   #harddrive  

Black Friday is basically just an excuse for retailers to charge ‘moron tax' isn’t it? 

Hey proles! Buy a load of tat we can't shift at 20% off a price we artificially inflated by 50%, just because the we told the tabloids to make you do it!

21st century natural selection..

Switched on X-Factor long enough to watch my friend Chloe-Jasmine on there, then turned it off again.  Fuck knows how people manage to watch that shite every week!

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So Fitbit decide to go for the massive 'shoot themselves in the foot' option then, and in one fell swoop pissed off all their Apple owning users.  *Slow hand clap*. Really well done chaps. No, seriously, well done.

Recommendations on alternative discrete trackers that plan to work with HealthKit then gang?

#health   #activitytracker  #fitbit #FAIL   #apple   #healthkit   #healthkit-enabled  
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