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Richard Myles
Like a speeding rocket of sexual desire, trapped in a fat twats body.
Like a speeding rocket of sexual desire, trapped in a fat twats body.

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A C64 signed by Martin Galway, Rob Hubbard & Ben Daglish

The 14 year old me would have killed for that.
The 42 year old me would just stab someone up, not a full blown murder. I'm more mature now.
So, the ad revenue from DN8 is going towards a MacBook Air I don't really want but kinda need for the America trip, but I could quite easily buy that C64 instead and just be happy.

Got an email from LinkedIn groups/Flash Game Developers ( I really need to unsubscribe from all this crap ).

I enjoyed this quote,
"Personally I have build more than 35 games since 1999 in many environments including many AS3/Flash."

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Quite a few people ask me why I still bother with Facebook.
It's because I get to see idiots like this, it's just one long car crash of stupidity.
Honestly what the fuck is there to like about that news story.

Chatting to a couple of HTML devs today and they mentioned Grunt.
After looking into it, how did I not know this existed ? It's like magic.
It's described as a "Task runner", basically you set that bad boy up and it automates all the really painful things you have to do to get a site done.

Oops, sorry this was meant to be posted on Facebook.

Here I meant to post pictures of my kids as I live my life through them as my own didn't work out.

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This is something I wrote, then posted and am now sharing.
( I can't really flesh this story out much more ).

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DN8 Pulse is like in the appStore now for all your iPad 2+ shooting needs.

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Quick peek at the current project ( Visual scripting IDE for html5 games ).
Only a week and a half into it, but it's pretty sexy so far.

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For those of you who don't do the FaceBook thing, here's a sneak peek of the DN8 trailer.
Always a joy working with video...

DN8 Pulse - iPad HD Game Trailer

So they're going to release an Xbox One minus the Kinect.
Personally I think this is a huge mistake, it instantly fractures the market and stops it being an essential part of games to just some fluff tacked on at the end, which means it'll be relegated to Wii style party games ( i.e. crap shovelware ).

There's a huge amount of potential with the device which I doubt will ever be realised now.

Let's take a first person horror game as an example as it's the first thing that springs to mind.

So you use the controller to play as normal, I'm not advocating Kinect only games. Say it's a haunted house, first person Resident Evil to draw an easy comparison.
Every time you want to open a door you have to actually reach out and turn the handle. It's an added level of immersion plus one of your hands is off the joypad, you're already at a disadvantage which creates tension.
Then say you want to mix it up, so as you're reaching out for that imaginary door handle there's a huge thump on the other side that vibrates the controller. You're going to shit yourself.

As I understand it the Kinect is sensitive enough to pick up your heart rate, that's perfect for a horror game. Players heart rate is normal, through a jump scare at them. Heart rate running high ? Hold off on the baddies but just drop some creepy sounds in there ( Imagine Left4Deads Director based on your heart rate, it would always have an insight into when to scare you and when to let you calm down ).

Now that's just stuff off the top of my head as I type this about the first genre I thought about, the point being the potential is huge, and now it's blown because it won't take very long for the number of Xboxes with / without the Kinect to be 1:1, and which dev is going to invest extra money for a feature that only half the players on one platform will ever know about.

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Been working on the screenshots for the appStore, that's all kinds of painful.
( I know I should be A/B testing here, but I really can't face doing them again )
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