I rue finding out about aday.org on the day (via a comment on one of my photos by +Peter Bowyer - who also participated), but I must say that it was a brilliant initiative.

This set, by a (mostly mobile) photographer I greatly respect - +Michelle Robinson - is a perfect example of why it is such a brilliant idea.

I am fascinated by people's everyday lives - I had posted about it in March: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103453522098470167898/posts/jPGe3VzY8s6 - and this is a perfect example of a look into the "normal" aspect of people's lives.

Well done Michelle, well done Peter, well done to everyone else who participated and a big well done to +Aday.org.´╗┐
My Day On 15 May 2012 in Adelaide, South Australia

I am waiting for my photos to upload onto aday.org ... I am sure the servers are barely coping. As always, I don't do things by half-measures. The limit is 10 photos per person - and I went the whole hog. Having registered so long ago, I had ample time to think about the categories. I decided on "Home" and using my iPhone only.

As someone who enjoys the visual arts, photography can evoke so many emotions for a viewer. Many images depict either immense beauty or harsh reality. Regardless, often it seems to create a mystery behind the person behind the lens. In choosing to capture 12 hours of an ordinary day in my life, in 10 images, I decided not to 'hide'. My life is not extraordinary, as you will find out when you view the album. In fact, it actually fazed me that I had to capture the blandness of it. That was a challenge. It was like stripping naked - and believe it or not, more challenging than my "Self Examination of the Provocative" series. I was able to 'glamourise' that ... but this ... no. What was even more challenging was creating some kind of image that had some value even though it was based on the mundane ... and ten of them.

Regardless, I am proud that I kept to my own brief, and stuck to what I wanted to do. Never have I manipulated my iPhone so much.

I thank everyone in the last 12 hours who put up with my images flooding your streams ... most of all thank you +Brian Rose for stopping by to have a look.

Being human in a world that is filled with technology, maintaining humanity is something that we should never lose sight of. I am sure that there will be a million stunning images out there capturing beautiful scenery etc ... and there will be mine: images of a Singapore-born, UK-educated, Adelaide-based suburban mother.

Meanwhile back in the halls of justice, I am unable to upload my photos ... it's stuck in nowhere land ... I will have to try again tomorrow ... Good night!

p.s. It's incredible that so many people are just starting their days ...
Dedicated to my fellow +Creative 366 Project and +Mobilart Club friends


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ADay.Org - 15 May 2012 - My Day In 10 Images by iPhone (10 photos)
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