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I can't say I don't love the subject in this photo, or that I don't love her smile, because I'd be lying about both, but that's not the purpose of sharing this picture here. I did that, sentiment and all, on Facebook, where most of the people know the both of us in person.

I'm sharing this picture here from a purely photographic point of view. I borrowed a prime lens from a friend of mine and remembered what a real pleasure it is to shoot with longer primes. This one in particular is a Canon 100mm f2.0, but the one I owned (and hope to fix eventually) is an 85mm f1.8.

The super-shallow depth of field was something I had forgotten, next time I use this lens I'll have to change focusing to the centre spot, focus where I want to and re-compose. The number of wasted shots I had in this set was stupid. Then again I managed to get a shot like this one, which makes all the wasted shots worthwhile.

Good day all...
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great portrait. indeed awesome. lovely.
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The Bright House

Good day to all :)
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Well, this, here is my argument for content marketing and social media marketing.

You can click through to the article to read the whole thing, but in a nutshell I'm saying that SEO is only worth doing if you do it the long and hard way - by building content that is valuable and desirable for humans, not robots.
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I agree! The traditional SEO was already die! After Google Algorithm has coming out to update and remove the suspicious post that more likely a spam, lately it's better to create a highest quantity of link building to easier  get into the highest page rank on Google search engine, Since it was Google algorithm era we should avoid the traditional executions of SEO's to avoid penalties, now it is called "Content  King" to get a into the top notch on search engine remember Quality over Quantity. thanks for the share +Richard Muscat Azzopardi 
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Visibility impaired

Good day to all

We hit the streets of NYC in a very foggy and rainy day. Rather than being deterred by this, I tried to make the best of it. I, for one, am not used to seeing buildings vanishing into low-lying clouds.

This is probably one of New York's most famous buildings (well there are too many famous buildings to count there, but anyway...) the Public Library. It really stands out as the only low building in blocks and blocks of high-rises.

Good day/evening to all :)
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Have him in circles
9,953 people
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Hey all - thought it might be worth sharing my Malta circle once again now that it's close to 200-strong.

Are there any people from (or in) Malta that are active on G+ and that I'm missing?
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Reaching out for help....

The search for the ideal business management software

As some of you might know, I started a business about a year ago, and have been working very hard at it since. I employed someone about four months ago and will be adding my next employee tomorrow.

I've outgrown trying to keep track of projects on papers and in rudimentary excel sheets and have been looking around for a tool to help me:

- Keep track of the administrative side of projects/jobs, these usually fall under the following categories:
   -> one off jobs
   -> pre-defined sets of hours per month on a particular job (like a retainer)
   -> large, complex projects that might involve multiple members of our team and various freelancers

I've been looking around for software to help me with this, but most of the time I encounter the same problem. The software I have found is either too complicated and focused on sales (I don't really need an advanced CRM element) yet - I'm the only one who handles sales and I don't really have problems coping with leads etc (yet) - or too project-management focused and doesn't help me out on the financial side.

I'd like something that can help me figure out:
- What quotes I have worked on
- What projects I have going on (their progress is handled in Trello, we're kinda sorted that way)
- What they were quoted at
- How much I'm paying freelancers (if any) for the project when I get it, 
- and therefore how much I'm earning, how much I'm paying, how profitable jobs/clients are...

I don't really need the accounting side of things because invoicing/debt collection etc is handled by the mothership. I just need to make sure that once a project is done I get the information over to the accounts guy.

I'm not sure if anyone out there can help me, maybe you've tried something yourself, maybe you have used something similar? Am I looking for something that doesn't exist, or am I overlooking a very obvious solution?

P.S. apologies in advance for the notification. I try to use them sparingly!
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Yeah it will be the way we'll go down probably. Till then we're working on a combination of tools - Asana for project management and a mega excel sheet for the financial aspect.
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Well, this, here is my argument for content marketing and social media marketing.

You can click through to the article to read the whole thing, but in a nutshell I'm saying that SEO is only worth doing if you do it the long and hard way - by building content that is valuable and desirable for humans, not robots.
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Good day to all!

A shot while waiting for the subway train to stop in NYC. Everyone's pants were on, though.
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Love Me

Hey all!

Another shot in my series from NYC - This time a shot of some graffiti in Chinatown.
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simple. different. beautiful. lovely.
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Anyone here with experience in promoting luxury goods online?
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Actually, +Anthony Gaenzle, the client I was thinking of when writing this article was a chain of luxury hotels, so that might be the reason for the similarity.

It is much harder to hit the nail on the head than people think, especially because of something the client pointed out recently. If you do luxury right, it has to feel natural. Luxury clients take luxury for granted, like second nature, and the hardest thing to do when writing/creating for luxury goods and services is to make exude luxury without ever being overt about it. 
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Have him in circles
9,953 people
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I communicate.
  • Switch Digital
    Director - Online Marketing, 2013 - present
  • Writer, editor and photographer based on the island in Malta - in the Mediterranean Sea
    1983 - present
  • GFI Software
    Marketing Manager, 2011 - 2013
  • Boats & Yachting
    Publisher & Editor, 2004 - 2012
  • Vida Magazine
    Publisher & Editor, 2010 - 2011
  • Allied Newspapers (The Times of Malta)
    Various, 1999 - 2005
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I have one specialty: Versatility. ;)
Editor, tech writer, photographer who is loving life on Google+.

Passionate about creating engaging content and in constant pursuit of effective email marketing.

I love, and mainly post about:

- Tech
- Travel
- Photography
- Media (all kinds)
- Food

Bragging rights
I cure Monday blues.
  • University of Malta
    B.Communications (Hons), 2002 - 2006
  • St Aloysius College, Malta
    1994 - 2001
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