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Richard Muscat Azzopardi
I have one specialty: Versatility. ;)
I have one specialty: Versatility. ;)

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We recently issued a report on the state of online and social media marketing locally (in Malta).

If you're at all interested in the Maltese scenario, this should be a great place to start!

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Another 10 before 10 post,

This time we go into the 10 Dos and Don'ts of social media.

Do you have any more to add to the list?

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It’s not all about the numbers. How do you make sure that the way you’re using Instagram is the best way for your brand? #10before10 

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It’s not all about the numbers. How do you make sure that the way you’re using Instagram is the best way for your brand?


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Yes, we took the ‪#‎IceBucketChallenge‬. Yes it's not the right thing for a cynical dumbass like me to do.

But I did it. I did it together with my teammates at +Switch Digital.
I did it because sitting on a sofa and criticising people who are doing good never changed the world. It never changed anything at all. So to hell with it all.

Do it, donate, whatever, just do something. Even if it just makes one person smile, then it's worth doing.

The blog post at the link below explains my feelings about it. Feel free to comment, share your experiences, criticise or add to it :)

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And we're off on holiday for the next few days.

Hope you enjoy our video :D

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What do you think of this analogy of crap content being the equivalent of fast food for the brain, and that its effects are similarly worrying?

“Driven by a desire for more profits, and for wider audiences, our media companies look to produce information as cheaply as possible. As a result, they provide affirmation and sensationalism over balanced information. […]

Just as food companies learned that if they want to sell a lot of cheap calories, they should pack them with salt, fat, and sugar—the stuff that people crave—media companies learned that affirmation sells a lot better than information. Who wants to hear the truth when they can hear that they’re right?”

Clay Johnson / The Information Diet

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Facebook cover photos can make or break your campaign's virality. Here we've analysed what makes a Facebook cover photo

Bonus Includes a cheat-sheet to all the Facebook image sizes

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A useful tool for anyone over here who's interested in social media marketing.

Tips for choosing or creating the ideal cover photo and a handy guide to image sizes on Facebook (we'll be creating a G+ one soon too).

Great cover photos don't happen by accident. 
Here are 10 vital tips to keep in mind for a Facebook cover photo that works for your brand.

Plus - Get the latest cheat-sheet for Facebook image sizes! 

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And this is what I found on my monitor when I walked into the office this morning.

Mixed messages from my colleagues - who wish me a happy birthday but also threw in an insult ;)

Kudos to +Ed Muscat Azzopardi for creating the GIF after the fact.

And no, despite my best efforts, I did not manage to work with all the stickies on my monitor.
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