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Richard Michie
Family man, marketer, social media addict
Family man, marketer, social media addict

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I speak to lots of businesses who see their marketing as a very complicated process. Each has their own complications be it 1,000’s of SKU’s, a technical product which has bells and whistles everywhere, a long protracted sales process, or seeing the whole world as their market place (very few companies have this problem).

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I've gone to the dark side...

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We had a great day in Scotland. To make sure you don't miss out on the next renewable energy open day join our mailing list.
Our Renewable Energy in Scotland Open Day was a great success last week. We had some great speakers from across the industry give some fantastic insight. 

All the slides from the day are now available on our website, feel free to view and share as you like.

#renewableenergy   #Biomass   #Scotland  
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If your gas boiler is making banging noises, you’ve got a problem called “kettling”.

The banging or popping noises you can here are usually caused by either lime scale or corrosion and debris becoming baked on the inside of the heat exchanger inside your boiler. This will make the boiler have hot-spots where the boiler isn’t using heating evenly.

This  can be a very common problem with low-water content wall-mounted boilers over about 10 years old.

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If you're interested in renewable energy and sustainable construction in Scotland. You should be at this event. Tickets are free.
On Friday October 23rd, we’re hosting Sustainable Energy and Construction in Scotland at the offices in Fife.

This is a great opportunity to meet and talk to industry experts in Scotland about all aspects of renewable energy, improve your knowledge and understanding and make some great contacts in the area.

Our partners in Scotland Calum Waker Energy Source will also have representatives on the day, so there will be a vast array of expertise available for you to interrogate about renewable energy.

Tickets are free and available now via our website.

#Scotland   #RenewableEnergy  

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Beat the Feed-in Tariff drop, install Solar Panels before January 2016

The UK Government have announced that they are slashing the Solar Feed-in Tariff by 87% on January 1st 2016. If you install solar panels before that date you’ll receive the current Feed-in Tariff of 12.47p per kWh, after that date the price is proposed to be 1.63p per kWh!

There really is no better time to have solar panels installed on your home. The Government are consulting on the tariff drop at the moment, but with budgets being squeezed it looks pretty certain that this will become a reality come January 1st.

How could the Solar Feed-in Tariff drop effect you?

Here are the sums
Typical payment each year if you install before January 1st 2016 – £635 per year*
Typical payment each year if you install after January 1st 2016 – £255 per year*

*This includes your energy saving.

#solarpanels   #solarenergy   #solarpower  

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I've just launched +Euro Energy Services new #iPad  Competition. Just answer one simple question and a nice shiny iPad could be winging it's way to you!

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Great holiday with all the family to Cromer and around Norfolk 

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Just discovered Google Story. What an amazing idea! Captured our entire weekend away in Wales. If everyone knew Google+ could do this they'd flock away from Facebook and it's static stories.


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If you're coming to the Perth Agricultural Show this weekend, ask us about Scottish Interest Free Loans for Renewable Energy.
If you live in Scotland you can apply for an interest free loan from the Scottish Government via their Home Energy Scotland Renewables Loan Scheme. You can use this loan to pay off the full cost of your renewable energy system or you can use it as part payment.

Our Scottish renewables team based in Fife, have lots of experience helping our customers apply for these interest free renewable energy loans, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

#Scotland   #renewableenergy  
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