From The Secret Race as told to Daniel Coyle by Tyler Hamilton. 


"There were more direct ways to cross Lance. One such incident happened in the spring of 2000 when we were finishing a six hour training ride, climbing a narrow road toward my house. Lance and I were tired, dehydrated, hungry, ready to come home and take a nap. Then this small car comes tearing up the hill behind us a top speed, nearly hitting us, and the driver yells something as he goes past. I'm mad, so I yell back at him. But Lance doesn't say anything. He just takes off, full speed, chasing the car. Lance knew the streets, so he took a shortcut and caught the guy at the top near a red light. By the time I got there Lance had pull the guy out of the car and was pummeling him, and the guy was cowering and crying. I watched for a minute, not quite believing what I was seeing. Lance's face was beet red; he was in a full rage, really letting the guy have it."

"Finally, it was over. Lance pushed the guy to the ground and left him. We got back on our bikes and rode home in silence. In the days afterward Lance told that story to Frankie and Kevin as if it was funny, just another crazy thing that happened in France. "
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