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From The Secret Race as told to Daniel Coyle by Tyler Hamilton. 


"There were more direct ways to cross Lance. One such incident happened in the spring of 2000 when we were finishing a six hour training ride, climbing a narrow road toward my house. Lance and I were tired, dehydrated, hungry, ready to come home and take a nap. Then this small car comes tearing up the hill behind us a top speed, nearly hitting us, and the driver yells something as he goes past. I'm mad, so I yell back at him. But Lance doesn't say anything. He just takes off, full speed, chasing the car. Lance knew the streets, so he took a shortcut and caught the guy at the top near a red light. By the time I got there Lance had pull the guy out of the car and was pummeling him, and the guy was cowering and crying. I watched for a minute, not quite believing what I was seeing. Lance's face was beet red; he was in a full rage, really letting the guy have it."

"Finally, it was over. Lance pushed the guy to the ground and left him. We got back on our bikes and rode home in silence. In the days afterward Lance told that story to Frankie and Kevin as if it was funny, just another crazy thing that happened in France. "
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Determination and violence of action count for a lot.
+Roger Sherman You don't remember his other, less disputed biographies. He went up against football players  while growing up in Texas and he definitely had a temper.  Remember too that he was allegedly on roids.
if the guy has seat belts on and an open window... you just have to hold car lock with one hand and hit with another... height and strenght don´t matter here ;) hehehe is Lance left-handed? even easier...
+Roger Sherman The driver of the car isn't described, but I picture a  French pansy with more attitude than courage.
+Roger Sherman  Dude in a pickup truck threw a cup of soda & ice at me once. I My evil twin caught him in stopped traffic and sucker punched him in the face through his open window. Spent the rest of my ride scared to death he'd catch me my twin  and run me my evil twin over.
Tom, don't the French drive on the left? Through the window, right hand punches all day long.
+Eric Hansen France is right side. I don't know if Armstrong is right  or left handed, but Hamilton says he pulled the driver out of the car.
My evil twin informs me, BTW, that hitting stuff hurts more now than it did when he was a young adult.
for the register: I don´t encourage violence neither have never done this... :P I like to hit with an open hand some part of the car, like a slap, just to make some noise inside... or move mirror from position... just to let guy know that if I wanted...
If I was the sort that condoned that sort of thing, I'd say that softening them up while they're trapped is the way to go. +Roger Sherman, Bruce Lee wasn't much different in size than Lance, not that I don't understand what you're saying, but there are plenty of people that could that to me, and I'm about your size, and at least your penchance for not being a victim. Even jabs from an 8th grader, or slaps from an Asian-sized women can wreck response, yeah, I know, all us big guys think, "if I can just get a hold of him," but it doesn't always work out.
+Tom Bike I'm a pacifist who recoils at the thought of violence. When the evil twin takes over, though, anything goes.   #hulk  
"Alleged?" They call it roid rage for a reason. 
Size is but an element.  I threw football players out of bars by the neck when I was bartending at Oregon State...and yes, they resisted.  I was 15lbs bigger then, but not nearly as big as them.  Adrenaline, determination and surprise can go a long way...very much as +Eric Hansen said initially.
+Tom Bike I'm a little guy, like Lance. 175 cm, 73 kg, and my ninja skills aren't nearly what they used to be so that moderates my responses significantly. i.e., I'm a natural born chicken.
I have stood up guys far larger than me at Pennsic. I'm 6'5" and probably 260 fully armored and armed. Most of the heavies are over 300 naked, but then again guys like that don't wear much armor. One of the battles this year had our unit holding position, receiving a unit at a full sprint. I used one step, right at the time of impact, to stop the other guy dead in his tracks.
You do fall into the educated in the art of war category though, +Eric Hansen .  Makes a big you know.
+Roger Sherman, I'll admit, I can pretty clearly see a trapped arm and a surge of the gas ruining a pro-tour riders day, and maybe career, although I've got to say, I don't think there's much overlap between trained fighters and people who scream stupid things at cyclists from their cars. There's always the outliers, but in general, very little overlap. 
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