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NetLive v3.1 Beta has been published to the Beta track.
• May have fixed active app bug
• Removed ads SDK that was not in use, reducing APK size

+Andrew Sauls, pretty sure this fixes the bug you had. Please let me know.

 If you don't want to wait for Google Play to publish it, you can download it here:!7BkC3DpS!DVmfoEXNJLGBAMKfF7RFbOyL1f1Mv75buZI3bnysNnM

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NetLive v3.0 is now live on Google Play! My intention was only to update it for Lollipop support, but I ended up basically rebuilding it from the ground up.  I addressed many of the main complaints users had with previous versions and I think the project is in a really good place.  Please let me know if you have any feedback, especially if NetLive is malfunctioning.

NetLive v3.0:
•Lollipop Support
•Bug Fixes
•Complete rewrite
•Updated design 
•Lower Ram Usage
•Lower CPU usage
•Lower Battery Usage

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+Derek Banas, in your third git video tutorial, at 19:35 you mention the commands "clean" and "reset" are undoable. I think you meant to say they are NOT undoable, meaning that you are not able to undo them. Thanks for the great tutorials.

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Thank you +sandip chaniyara for your excellent video capture tutorial, very helpful.

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NetLive v2.5 is now live and open source. Contribute to or check out the project here: 

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Just released NetLive V2.4 with help from +Jérôme Baton .  Grab it here:

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An honor for NetLive to be featured on +xda-developers  by Samantha, thank you!
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