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I am completely unimpressed by Spotify's US launch. The desktop app UI is completely unintuitive and confusing. The interface seems designed to play popular songs instead of full albums. Their selection significantly smaller than Mog's as well, for the content I want anyway. The only benefit I've found over mog is the full desktop app allows me to pause it with the hardware pause key on my keyboard. Since Mog is browser based I have to find the tab its running in, and then find the pause button.

Is it just me or are others struggling with this thing as well? Is there some killer feature that Spotify has that Mog or Rdio doesn't?

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Tonight's Substrata was completely amazing. I regret the friday show conflicted with more important fun as I imagine it was the same. Nils Frham's piano filled my head with a Solaris like movie of my own making.

Really wish Google+ plus would allow circles within circles so I don't have to add people to multiple ones. Why hasn't a social network allowed me to define groups of friends with set notation?
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