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Richard Lorenz

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I love this quote from "Riddle-Master" by Patricia A. McKillip -

"“When you open your mind and hands and heart to the knowing of a thing, there is no room in you for fear."
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Richard Lorenz

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My son is playing Dishonored on the X-Box 360, and he just fell to his death.  

"Reload from last Autosave?"  Sure, yeah.  

The game autosaved in mid-air!  He fell to his death, again!  I had to give him a high-five, just for the entertainment value.
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That's what we thought. He reloaded it once more so we could laugh at it, and then again to see if he could Blink out of it and save his life. Still didn't work. 
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Richard Lorenz

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Sunrise over Ridgecrest yesterday, but since I worked, I didn't have a chance to upload it.
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Richard Lorenz

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This is a fun rendition of a song I remember from waaay back in high school.  
I've never been a huge fan of the sax, but watching Dave Koz play one makes me want to go out and buy one.
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Richard Lorenz

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Richard Lorenz

Clarifications  - 
I love the simplicity of the system.  I want to be able to play at the drop of a hat with with my kids, and a couple of their friends, but I have questions.

In the Google Doc, you say to pick 5 skills, one at good, three fair, and one mediocre.  Okay, I get that so far.  But I get lost with the sub-skills.  

Two Skills, and a third, Spellcasting at Good, and then three specific spells, two at Good, which is the Skills level, and one at Fair.  

Doesn't that now give you, in your example, six skills?  Or is it still 3 skills, and the example is just missing the other two?

And, why pick individual spells, when at least one will end up lower than your base Skill?  If I leave it at just Spellcasting, don't I cast all spells at Good?  Or do I have to list them out individually?

A parallel is with armed combat:  "Good Combat Skill" vs "Good with bladed weapons, Fair with fists, and Mediocre with firearms.  Why would I not choose "Good Combat", and use my other Skill slots on other things, like driving or hacking?

And, what about Unskilled checks?  Are they at -4 or -5?  Can they even be attempted?

Please don't take these questions as complaints or criticisms.  I love the system so far.  I've run it twice with my son, once with each of us as the Storyteller, and it was great.  But it would be easier for me to introduce to other players with these questions answered.
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Wonderful!  Thank you very much for the answers.  I thought that I could force the characters to specialize, if it fit the story (e.g.--Combat vs Combat, Melee).  I did not want to take too many liberties since the system was still evolving though.

As for the Skills and Sub-skills, I like the way that works.  Add Skill +1 bonus and Sub-skill +1 bonus to the roll for a total of +2 to the roll.  

Again, thank you for the answers.  I am hoping to play around with this in the next few days, and I'll let you know how things turn out for us.
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Richard Lorenz

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Does anyone have an invitation key for the Google Inbox they can shoot my way?
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Karen F
Happy birthday !
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Richard Lorenz

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Yep, pretty much.
Yeah... I went there... :)

I heart Google+ ♥ and if you do too... well... You know what to do here..

#googleplus   #forscience  
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Richard Lorenz

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Aquaman's true power!
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Richard Lorenz

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Last night, my daughter was blowing bubbles and my son was attacking them with his lightsaber. Let's just say, he's no Skywalker. 
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Might have done better.
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Richard Lorenz

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As of the 18th, "The fugue system" is now a pay what you want title on // If you get the system from here, then each time I make an update, you will be alerted, and can download it again. 
Also, this is a  bundle, holding "The Fugue system", "Fugue System in 4 pages" and "Character sheet", all under 2MB!
The Fugue System - A simplistic rules system for any genre. The fugue system was created to allow a flowing story driven roleplaying experi
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Richard Lorenz

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My twelve year old daughter changed the television to the Learning Channel. Some medical show was on, and the theme for the day: "Sex sent me to the ER." There was a guy laying in bed, the narrator was talking about "erection rings." The doctor was holding chain cutters and asking for a small hand held circular saw.

We're watching the Food Network now. 
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We don't have any at home, but went out of town this weekend for a niece's graduation.  We were at the hotel afterwards winding down.  

I am still pretty sure I don't want to pay for cable, DISH, or anything else at home.  
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A short bio?  Is that a comment on my height?  I'd say that's not funny, except ... well ... it is.  To quote a friend "I love it when I'm funny!"

First off, I'm a Christian.  A moral conservative, but mixed up on the financial side of things.  Sure, go ahead and tax me, but I don't think you should be using my tax money for things I deem morally reprehensible.

Going on from there ....

I'm a husband (almost 20 years) and a father of two.  I enjoy roleplaying, and attempt to do so with my two kids, since I need to spend time with them while they are at home, and it is something I enjoy.  My son has actually started DM'ing at school with some friends.

I like to write.  I have posted some stuff to Elfwood, and I've done the NaNo thing a few times.

I am intrigued with Steampunk.  I love the look, the dress, the music, the DIY attitude behind so much of it.

Bragging rights
I'm a father, and my kids are turning out just like me. That is the greatest thing in the world. I have nothing else greater to brag about.
ER Poodle ... have you read the Brothers Karamazov? Remember the poodle? I'm the poodle.
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