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Richard Leggett
Android and Node.JS developer. Runs Valis Interactive, works on Rescover App (movies, TV and game release reminders).
Android and Node.JS developer. Runs Valis Interactive, works on Rescover App (movies, TV and game release reminders).

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Hoping to help debug a major issue I keep seeing. Sometimes when backing out of Timeline, Fit crashes. When it is restarted it resets all active calories for the day and sets all tracked activities to 0. Fit on the watch still reports the correct values for all even after some time.

Note in the Fit screenshot that it also sets calories to 0 for a RunKeeper tracked activity, it does this before a crash even happens. After a couple of days the data seems to be correct but it's days not hours we are talking here.

2nd and 3rd screens show incongruous data between Fit and RunKeeper before crash. Not sure why, auto tracking kicks in I guess? Confusing for a user but ok aside from 0 calories in Fit.

Last screenshot shows total data loss post-crash. I do usually get at least the inactive calories back again after a day or so and seemingly my active tracked.

This happens all the time, multiple phones, multiple watches inc 360v2 and Samsung S7.

Currently using a Pixel XL, Huawei W1, Fit connected to RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal and Calm.
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Hi Koushik,

Just noticed the pro version (great price) and about to subscribe but in this version I also noticed an issue...

In a nutshell: When I switch to Vysor (desktop) I get a 2x replay of the last N minutes of the phone screen until it finally catches up to real-time (Nexus 5 and S6). Sometimes it never catches up. So if I'm spending some time in Android Studio, run on the phone, when I switch to Vysor it has lagged behind some minutes - interaction via mouse and keyboard is still real-time on the actual device of course, you're just looking at history on the desktop.

I wanted to check if this is something to do with free vs pro, or if it's a bug, and whether there's a workaround to keep it alive / live when Vysor is not in the foreground.


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Hugely useful collection of articles for app developers, startups and product owners.

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Finally started using +Koushik Dutta's Vysor app for dev, just brilliant! View and control your Android on your desktop. The installation was worryingly simple, and the ability to share a link to view could be great for quick demos with clients.

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I can't be alone in doing this all the time in my layouts:



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Android Studio tells me how much time it's saved me since last install. I could do with using a few more of these. 

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Reprisal Universe - homage to (the original) Populous #indiegamers  
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