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Could we get an option in settings to control whether a toast is shown when a profile is activated please?

They're quite obtrusive if you use Tasker to set a profile e.g. to activate when the screen is turned on.

Hi all, the game runs really slowly on my PC, I have no idea why as it's not a crappy computer. i3, 8gb ram, good SSD, gfx card good but old (nvidia 9800gt).

I get around a second of lag between dragging the map and seeing it move. Animations like the expanding ring when you click a star run at 2-4 fps. I am running Firefox 25 on Ubuntu 12.04, but it is still equally bad in Chromium.

Any ideas?

I experienced a bug!

I paid for a carrier but did not receive it. Game 6526608412246016, I am user richardkemp. I wanted to make a carrier at Eltanin and send 15 ships from the to reinforce Alya. Would it be possible to get that carrier, and that action retroactively applied?


So what's the difference between this and Fusion? You seem to both be solving the same problem. Is there an ideological separation, are you approaching the problem from different angles?

Since you seem to both intend to not charge for the result of your efforts, is there a reason you don't work together?

Regardless, thanks for all your hard work Shake/Jake.

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