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Richard Keggans
Blogging baby boomer, born in Scotland but living in the USA since the eighties
Blogging baby boomer, born in Scotland but living in the USA since the eighties

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Hubris, In All It's Unabashed Splendor
Okay, say you are running a website that allows subscriber logins over an non-encrypted page. Some of your subscribers notice and complain that Firefox is putting up a (now pretty standard) warning that the login page was not protected by an encrypted conne...

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Justice League Trailer - My Two Cents Worth
The new Justice League trailer has dropped as expected, and it is not quite "blowing my skirt up", so to speak. Now, I am not a "Marvel is great and DC sucks" guy, and I actually liked Batman vs Superman (the extended cut in particular), but I know a lot of...

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FedEx Flaunts Flash For Five Bucks
In what appears to be an awesomely short-sighted move, FedEx is effectively slipping users $5 to install Adobe Flash Player on their PCs. Adobe Flash Player has a pretty horrible security record, and many sites are moving away from it to other technologies,...

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Weekely Round-Up - March 24
Time for another Weekly Round-Up, where I pull together an eclectic
sampling of items from the past several days that I hope are of interest to you.   Four things you can do to help an addict   Zillow, schmillo - free online home appraisals   Remember Zip ...

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Hoping For No Baby Groot Overkill In Guardians 2
I very much enjoyed the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie; it was fun, silly and something a bit different. The teasers and trailers for volume 2 have me a bit worried so far -  specifically, I'm concerned that a little Baby Groot goes a long way, and tha...

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Solar Cells With 26% Efficiency (That's GOOD)
Solar cells are not very efficient; in other words they only convert a small fraction of the sun's radiate energy into electrical energy, This is mostly due to the fact that the current technology can only around convert around 30% of the received energy, e...

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Another Lingering Linux Kernel Security Flaw
The laudable notion that open source software is eminently review-able and therefore safer than it's closed source alternatives received another dent when an 11-year-old flaw was discovered in the Linux kernel (with patches now being distributed). This has ...

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Just For Fun
Kinda true, though . . .

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iOS 11 May Blow Up 180k Apps Due To "App Rot"
Apples forthcoming iOS 11 is expected to render perhaps a couple of hundred thousand apps unusable, unless they are updated to run on the 64-bit OS. These 32-bit apps are ones that have lingered in the App Store without being updated yet; they represent aro...

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Possible "Game-Changer" In Determining Heart Attack Risk
A new study from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Utah offers data that researchers believe may be a "game-changer" in predicting the risk of a heart attack.  This new research reflects more long-term findings after patients were
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