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Can Google track if any given link on the web is ever clicked on by anyone?

If yes, surely they would use this as a link metric. Links that are never clicked are more likely to be spammy. Links that are clicked are more likely to be useful to users.

If no, why not?
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Of course they do, that's why bounce rates was considered a metric until google debunked it. Also inspect element a link in the SERPs to see the tracking code ;) 
Also also I don't think they'd place any weight into the metric if CTR is a metric (which I doubt it is) 
I am not talking about SERP links. I am talking about a link on a page that may or may not be tracked by Google Analytics.

What about those links?
That makes it a much more inquisitive question that. Ooooo I'd say... Depends. Depends on if you went to the site directly, then no however if you clicked through from the SERPs then no doubt that tracking code will leave a cookie. How long and how many steps before it becomes a legal issue I have no idea but certainly interesting thinking
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