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Dear lazyweb, I'm looking to buy a new Android phone as there's now a 50% chance my ZTE Blade will spontaneously reboot when I get a missed call.
It needs to be network unlocked, under £300 and running Stockish Android ICS with the minimum of vendor bloatware. I need 24h+ standby time too. Plus points for being able to use a custom firmware without dodgy hacks and for an AMOLED screen. Ideas welcome. Thanks!
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I suggest an used Nexus S, already rooted and with a very efficient 4.0.4-based ROM (like Crossbones), able to keep up for nearly 48hrs. Way cheaper. ;-)
Here's another vote for the nexus s. Iirc the UK model is quad band. Or maybe the EU model but I'm sure you could find either.
Galaxy nexus? Should fit the bill on all your points. Standby time is the only sticking point of course; it actually depends a fair bit on the reception you get. I get more than 24h easily if I don't use the phone much, and there's both official and aftermarket batteries with higher capacity if you want it.
I'm using a Nexus S that got the official ICS update a couple of weeks ago. Standby time is up to a few days if you disable stuff like WLAN and Syncing when you're not using it. Also it offers a real stockish experience.
Nexus S from Car phone warehouse. £200 with stock ics - brilliant and still one of the best cameras available.
+Richard Hughes Not sure, but as its from Amazon, and not a Phone company, good chance Bloat will be at a minimum. I have my eye on this but it is not out just yet. Also noticed a dual core Xperia U for a similar price will be available mid May.
Also, I am sure once rooted, all bloat will be gone! :-)
Ian Hex
I can wholeheartedly recommend a Galaxy Nexus, simply the best phone I've ever used... but I'm not if it fits in your criteria.
Another vote for Nexus S, even though it's not new or shiny anymore. If the screen is important to you note that there are two different models, one with lcd and the other with samoled. I have the latter and think it looks damn nice.
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