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Richard Hughes
I'm an open source hacker who loves to make framework software
I'm an open source hacker who loves to make framework software

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Friends don't let friends buy cheap DC breakers from China...

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Quite an enjoyable day spent reverse engineering using wine. Written up here as it might be useful to somebody in the future.

It's been a looong time since I compiled my own kernel, but it was refreshing pain-free experience on Fedora. Simply a "make oldconfig && make modules && make && sudo make modules_install && sudo make install" and a reboot and I'm in an upstream kernel. In related news, new kernels should soon be able to generate Windows 10-compatible HWIDs for firmware matching.

What's the easiest way of connecting a DBus client to a DBus service on another machine in 2017? I'm hoping this has become easier since the 5 years ago I attempted this last time.

Surely rpmfusion-free-appstream-data should be installed by default if I have the repo installed? Can we use a fancy Supplements dep so that gnome-software drags it onto the system? #fedora

I've created a mailing list for fwupd and LVFS discussions. If you're interested in firmware updating on Linux, or want to know what's happening on the Linux Vendor Firmware Service you probably want to join.!forum/fwupd

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This year I've already said no to two conference invites to the USA.

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I'm designing some hardware and software to control a combined Solar, Battery, and Utility power inverter. I'm still in the process of prototyping some more OpenHardware but I was planning to make the software work with existing proprietary hardware too. PIP was in reference to the nonfree hardware, and didn't stand for anything, but SBU is a well known term in solar circles. Can you help me choose a name for the combined Open Hardware and Free Software project? Other suggestions around SBU welcome too. Thanks!
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Dear Lazyweb. I need a project name for my new pet project. I'm getting into solar in a big way (carbon neutral coding...) and I've written a simple app to control my MSX inverter and to view my power history over a few days. The project name really needs to contain the word "MSX" or "PIP" but FreeMSX, OpenMSX and PowerMSX are already taken. The PIP-MSX inverter hardware optionally uses solar panels to charge batteries, but can also use a generator and act as a giant UPS. Ideas very welcome. Thanks!

Can I legitimately load a GPLv3+ plugin into a GPLv2+ daemon? The plugin would be a .so object. Advice welcome!
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