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Richard Horne
RichRap - It's all about 3D Printing, Product Design, Open Source, Open Innovation and making things.
RichRap - It's all about 3D Printing, Product Design, Open Source, Open Innovation and making things.

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TAZ6 Octo-Tool holder and a reminder that thermoplastic can be reformed after 3D Printing
TAZ 6 Octo-Tool holder. Design, 3D print and post thermoforming Last month we saw a lot of people 3D printing the hairy lion. That inspired me to design a complex looking tool holder, but with an easy way to 3D print out the model and some easy re-shaping o...

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My TAZ6 Octo-Tool holder - 3D design for thermoforming 3D Prints

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LulzBot TAZ 6 Testing Part 2 - Problems, Printing, Materials and Tuning to perfection.
For this second part of the TAZ6 setup I'm looking at some initial issues found with the setup and operation of the TAZ6. These were quickly resolved, but showing you the process may assist if you have similar problems on your 3D printer. I was also sent a ...

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Upgrades and changes to the BCN3D Sigma 3D Printer including Bondtech extruders
SIGMA v2016 3D Printer upgrades, changes and tweaks In this blog post I'm collecting up all the modifications, changes, upgrades and general improvements I have done to the Sigma (2016 version) over the last ~18 months. This blog post and video is for the S...

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All my @bcn3dtech Sigma #3DPrinter upgrades, changes & improvements. Including fitting @BondtechAB Extruders

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LulzBot Taz6 3D Printer Part 1 Introduction, Unboxing, Setup and Assembly.

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Using the LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer - Part 1 Setup
TAZ 6 LulzBot are without doubt (in my opinion) the most open-Source 3D Printing company in the world. Here is the start of my journey with the TAZ 6 3D Printer. I could spend an entire blog post just telling you how LulzBot have open-source in every single...

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Richard Horne commented on a post on Blogger.
Nice summary Jeremie. I was contemplating writing a blog post all about it. but I agree with you - I have better things to spend my time doing.

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Just posting this as a marker point in 3D Printing history.

I don't believe that generating Patent IP is compatible with Open-Source and Open-Innovation #3DPrinting.

To play this game Ultimaker will need a big patent war chest, lots of significant patents and IP, not just one or two.

So the question is - will all new development and innovation inside Ultimaker be turned into patents? Because that's what I would expect now. The problem with this is that for a patent to be filed, no information is disclosed, so we no longer get open-innovation.

It stands to reason that anything shared openly from now on, is probably not worth patenting.

So deciding to go down the patent route, for whatever reason, is somewhat incompatible with open-source and open innovation.

I know Red-hat have a patent promise, Ultimaker could also pledge something similar, but the main issue I see is that the first we see of real innovation from Ultimaker is in a new patent.

I wonder if they will include software patents / methods / Cura and how does Youmagine fit into the mix.

I appreciate Ultimaker has big plans and goals for the company growth, but it feels a lot like they have outgrown the community and users that built them up in the first place...

That makes me feel rather sad for the future.

I'm not anti-patent (I do think the patent system is broken beyond repair) but I am not in favour of open-source companies switching to a patent or IP protection system, trying to do both Open-source and Patents, seems impossible.

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