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Richard Hobson
What you see is what you get.
What you see is what you get.

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Good day everyone. I have been searching for information around the web these last couple days, regarding Mercury Amalgams. It turns out I'm either asking the wrong questions or there is not a lot on the web regarding amalgams. Everything I find points to dental amalgams, and the ongoing fight regarding their efficacy.

I'm looking for more in depth studies of amalgams as a whole; including all the non dental amalgams that are possible. More specifically, I would like to find reference material regarding their electrical, and thermal properties if I can, but even a broader collection of research would be fine.

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An interesting bit of modern archeology.

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The Pleasure and Pain of Coffee

If nothing else the language is..exceptional.

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Yup! Watch this! 

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It's more than tempting. There is always something or someone trying to tell me they are more important than what I'm currently working on.

Besides, I'm almost halfway there anyway with how much I've reduced my social media .

Time to ponder.

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Kids came home with these from the Father in laws today.  "Little Professor" still works great, the other turns on and seems to work but no clue what we are supposed to do with it. :P It's a "Quiz Kid Speller". The display is only 2 characters. So I'm not sure, might require a TV connection or something...there is a small connector looking thing at the top right corner.

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Lego without the mess.

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If you like to mix it up when making your daily doses of coffee check out the following link! 

I'm excited about trying a few of the aeropress methods!

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Oh, and it's hit version 0.6 as well!!! Lots of great new improvements in this one as well!

So I'm really liking the new launcher beta, but I really miss both the pulling in of the Google now from the left and the ability to "ok google" from the home screen. Any chance either of these can be brought into nova launcher for kitkat users?
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