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Richard Hintz
Personal profile: Cloud Strategy / Infrastructure
Personal profile: Cloud Strategy / Infrastructure

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Hi, the edit from +Jeff Kz seems to be restricted to Google approval, but I will list it here anyway.

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Great 20 minute video on vendor / technology lock in. I added a cheat sheet in the comments. 

Use of "Phumi"
For a long time I have been adding names to villages in Southeast Asia generally without "Phumi" in Cambodia or "Ban" in Lao. I adopted this convention because the map got crowded with the additional word in some locations.

Do mappers have an opinion about this?
+Sovann Heng +Samoun EL

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+Sovann Heng +Samoun EL  Hi, I am starting to map roads in the east, near the Vietnam border.

For years I have been mapping long roads that go from village to village in remote areas as Regional Highways, even if they are unpaved and one lane. Let me know if you have questions about any of my additions.

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Datacenter Site Selection Criteria
A few, now somewhat stale, thoughts on datacenter selection criteria Some criteria Microsoft uses more than 35 factors in selecting locations. Power availability Power cost,"Availability of fiber networks," "Proximity to end-users,"   Water availability Wat...

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No kidding Budvar beer
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