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Looks like my ISP is injecting ads into all pages. Ads coming from which appears to be associated with Also seeing serving this junk.

Incredibly ugly since these ads are often deceptive, and there is no way to control ad prefs.

Images attached of the Work-at-Home Google scam ads showing on Youtube. Nice colours used in the initial frame... not.
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+Richard Hearne Hi, I work in Google's security team, and I'd like to get this stopped. Can you post some information (or send it directly to me) that will help identify who is behind this and how they're doing it?

What is your ISP?
What is the complete output when you run nslookup in a terminal window?
What is the output of tracert (windows) or traceroute (mac/unix)?
We've seen something like this before in the WebSearch Forum, where 2 or 3 ISPs had done a little tampering with the DNS records.
The immediate fix was then for (most/all) users to change their DNS settings from their ISP's DHCP assigned DNS servers to Open DNS or Google's Public DNS resolver. (Also: Google did then contact the relevant ISPs and spanked them into stopping their DNS hijacking)

+Richard Hearne : Is this an actual man-in-the-middle HTTP traffic interception by your ISP, or is it (as has been seen in the past) an ISP (yours) who's doing DNS hijacking (possibly with a 3'rd party provider adding the actual "colouring"). Yeah, I'm in reality asking the same as +Damian Menscher .
If you're not already using other that your ISP's DNS servers, then
Tip: IPs for Public DNS resolvers can easily be found by (IPs listed in the zero-click read box at top of search results; and Google is afaik the only one offering free public IP6 DNS resolvers)
... or just use Google's

+Damian Menscher : I can probably dig up the threads in WebSearch where these cases (of ISPs DNS hijacking) has been handle in the past by Google. (I'm guessing that it was most likely handled by Googlers from within the security team, but I honestly can't remember ... so, if not - then just say the word, and I'll go dig for the threads & names of Googlers involved)
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