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Richard Goodwin
Voracious for new, different, exciting, and especially things with buttons, switches and batteries.
Voracious for new, different, exciting, and especially things with buttons, switches and batteries.


Hey folks, long time no talk! I just went from stock RB1 to Marlin RCBugfix branch (with the config files from the tree). Problem is the HBP temp on the LCD is showing 130C when sitting at room temp, and won't heat at all. Can't find anything wrong with the config file. Any thoughts?

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Android L GUI KIT
Android L GUI KIT
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Anyone have the E3DV6 + Printrbot Alu setup like me? I've been using the printed risers, but want to get to a better mount that puts the plates back down on the thingies. (And then use any number of killer fan mounts the community has made. 


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We are Print!

0.15mm layers
IAP PLA at 210 (though I think 205 would be fine)
~10 hours

All hail the replacement of the 14 pin ribbon cable. And PSU. And E3D. And Printrbot Alu. And #reprap on IRC :)

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Temperature control/power question.

I briefly mentioned this in another thread, but here's a pic to help illustrate the problem: constant fluctuation of extruder temp during print.

I'm using an E3D, done the PID tune twice, with and without the heated bed on. 

Before I start a print, the temp is pegged perfectly to the setpoint as tracked by Simplify (just doing readings every few secs and plotting them). As soon as I start a print, I get this wicked fluctuation. 

My working theories, one of which I hope is right ;) 

a) the power supply has issues maintaining good supply with the bed, all steppers, and extruder all being powered. I won't be able to test this until I get the replacement power supply (that is hopefully better)
b) I have the "bad" extruder cable that causes weird issues. I don't know the exact issues, or even if mine is bad. But something to consider.
c) the E3D thermistor isn't properly placed. I don't think this is it since it holds steady during the tune. However, I could squint my brain and think, "well, maybe once plastic starts moving it affects the thermal characteristics enough that it aggravates the potentially poor placement". Not sure. 
d) other ideas...?

I'm also getting problems even with this new Alu + E3D setup where extrusion will "dry up", accompanied by (sometimes) grinding and clicking as the extruder struggles to push the filament. Not sure if related or not.

Maybe +Sanjay Mortimer can give some guidance here on anything specific to E3D...

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So, not to be too excited, but I managed to (just barely) get the Printrbot extruder mounted, and an E3D hot end. The fact that it fits is a miracle, the fact that I'm printing (the very first attempt) something with it now is even more of a miracle. I'm not going to give my instructions just yet, it'd be much better to follow +Clint O'Connor 's, trust me :) Stand by for some follow up once I verify the whole thing doesn't burn down!

Ok, pulling this into a new post. I actually go adopt a new kitty today, so might be a day or so before I can mess with this, but here is my ill: can no longer extrude reliably. I'm using the ebay replacement thermistor and have auto-tuned but will try it again to 215C 

Here are the things I've tried:
- filament guide from thingiverse (now removed)
- differing spring tension on bearing arm (basically clipped part of one spring off but then it was too loose!)
- temps up to 215C, 220C
- aligned bearing to gear by putting washer behind arm on shoulder screw
- aligned gear to feed hole as best I can tell
- no leaking in heater block that I can tell, except MAYBE a little initially into the thermistor hole. I'm going to disassemble again and see if i can do anything with that 
- checked Z height for backfill issues
- trimmed stepper pot but going to try this again. 

E3D 24V should arrive next week, which, if nothing else will let me observe the feed path more closely (and may not have back pressure issues). Any other ideas welcome.  It's one of those things where it was working fine, and then at some point in the process stopped and I'm honestly not sure when. I'd love to be at the Hangout today but have a conflict unfortunately. :(


Alrighty, now I have hit the dreaded MINTEMP. All I did was take apart the hot end to look at things, like I have 5 times before. Or 5x5 at this point. It had been printing and giving the clicking sound I posted about, so I stopped and shut everything down to take a look see. Re-assemble, now I get MINTEMP.

The extruder ribbon cable seems fine (except the broken connector at one end of course). I pulled it completely out of the cable webbing to make sure there are no odd twists/turns/cuts.  The thermistor cable seems fine. No cuts/breaks, I can wiggle it to no avail.  (Ok, 1 seemed like one time when I re-powered the printer I got further, but no luck since.) I thought MAYBE once when I turned it on I smelled something a little "warm", but definitely not electronic burning; more like a warming oven perhaps. Haven't noticed it since. 

 I've read a few threads but haven't seen anything that matches up unless the thermistor itself has just gone dead out of the blue. I kind of want to throw the printer through the wall, but I'm thinking that won't help. Has anyone had any success/tricks that maybe they've come across? 
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