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Does your +Tesco #HUDL screen behave like this?

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Probably destroy my girlie arms
Yeah, we're giving away a Sony SmartWatch 2. Who wants it?

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Funny that, asked +Google Play Store customer service rep standard charge back questions and all of a sudden a refund can be issued to my card & I get an admission that absolutely nothing has been done about my order previously  #golfclap   #nexus4  

Hey Google, wake up, your Play Store customer service is terrible. 
Here is an open letter for you:

I've been trying to ascertain the whereabouts of my Nexus 4 device ordered on the 4th Dec 2012 for some time now.

Having originally been quoted 1 - 2 weeks for delivery I was pleased when I received shipping confirmation on the 17th Dec.
As I had paid for 1 - 2 day shipping, I expected the device to be with me on the 20th at the latest as is was around 6pm when I got the notification.

As I was at work all of the week commencing 17th Dec, I checked the TNT website regularly to see if a delivery attempt had been made. When it became clear on Thursday that my parcel was not going to be received I contacted TNT immediately. TNT told me that the consignment had not been scanned into their network & to contact Google Play.
Google Play's CS then told me that their systems clearly stated the parcel had been shipped on the 17th.

Since the 20th Dec this has been my routine:
1: Check the TNT website
2: Call them to see where my parcel is
3: Get told by TNT that it hasn't left your distribution centre in Birmingham
4: Call Google Play to see why it hasn't been shipped yet

When I get to step 4 I get told that the device is with TNT, I then usually get told that the call will be escalated to a shipping specialist. I ask what has happened with my last call that was supposedly escalated and the operator cannot tell me anything. I asked once to speak to a supervisor and he couldn't tell me anything.

I have the 5 cases open (some supposedly escalated)
Not one of them tells me why you took money off my credit card on 17th Dec and still haven't delivered my device 11 days later.

To date I've learnt from TNT:
They have queried my case with you more than once.
They have issued multiple missing item searches on my behalf.
That they report to you 3 times a day on customer consignments that your distribution centre still haven't passed to TNT
They have no physical or automated scans of my parcel anywhere in the TNT distribution network

To date I've learnt from Google Play:
"We're glad to tell you your parcel has been shipped on the 17th Dec"
CS do not escalate or respond to follow up question on a case
Supervisors have no visibility beyond what their sub-ordinates have

Is this really any way to do business with your customers? If I have a shipping dispute with ANY (and I mean even the smallest of eCommerce vendors) I can usually guarantee at least some level of service.

Please can you provide me with an accurate report as to what has happened with my order?
I do not want to hear "We're glad to tell you your parcel has been shipped on the 17th Dec" I would like to hear, "We are sorry Mr Gaskell, this is what really happened. We are looking into improving our CS, please accept our sincere apologies. Your device will be with you xx/xx/xxxx"
If you cannot tell me something along these lines, I want a refund in full.


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Good eating on that spider

After God knows how long, the big G has finally narrowed down my location to an area less than a 25 mile radius!

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Fully populated, high density network switches + office move round = unhappy IT staff :/
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