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My sister had a leak beside the foundation of her house for several years, and we finally fixed it the other day. When we dug it up to fix it finally, we found what seemed to be a large cavity under the foundation. I was worried that the leak (which was really bad for a really long time. I'm astounded that she didn't realize there was a leak sooner.) was causing a sinkhole. This was my solution to investigate the hole further.

I ran the pi headless & I used Motion as a webcam server. The webcam cost $0.02 off of eBay, and had free shipping. :) and it has the LEDs on it with adjustable brightness. I took it out of its casing.

Turns out the hole wasn't as bad a I thought. 
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and that is what?! more pictures maybe?!
My sister always goes to the toilet for a leak.

I added some more photos of the inside of the hole. I shared them in the same category in this community. I had the threshold turned up really high, so it didn't save that many pics, but I got these, +Martin Grønholdt.
+Ben Noyles, honestly I cant explain it more clearly. what this is and what I used it for is stated in the description. a battery powered raspberry pi with a webcam on the end of a stick to see inside of a hole.
thank you, im pleasantly surprised at how well it worked too. a wifi camera snake??? I've never heard of one.... ive got some micro servos, I was thinking about doing pan and tilt action on it, but that would have been a lot of work...maybe if I ever need to do this again I will include a way to do that.
Ken K
Great Work!! Keep it up
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