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Richard Farley
What have I gotten myself into *this* time?
What have I gotten myself into *this* time?


Just finished the first charge of my Nissan LEAF on my new Blink charging station. The charger has an embedded web server that gave the following summary:

Charging cost: $1.36
Charge time: 2.04 hours
Energy: 14.91 kWh
Gas equivalent: 2.15 gallons
CO2 saved: 12.23 pounds

Equivalent to 65 cents a gallon for gas! How friggin' cool is that?!
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Well, after close to 8 years at Ingenuity Systems, the time has come for me to move on. I've been given an exciting opportunity to join Silver Spring Networks as Director of Hosting Operations where I'll be responsible for data center, networks and systems operations.

New beginnings! It occurred to me that as I start my new adventure at Silver Spring, with Google+ just getting off the ground, it might be a great place for me to share what I'm learning and doing. Stay tuned for what I plan will be frequent installments of "What have I gotten myself into this time?" :-)
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