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Why I quit No Man's Sky, but will be back if they fix this one strange thing.
Reading up again on behavioural psychology for games design and was hit in the face with this one: " There is another, subtler problem with maximizing. As discussed in the previous article, sharp declines in the rate of reward are very punishing for players...

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Going to the Oculus connect in LA wonder if I might bump into any of you there... 

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Capturing data sets you free
Data-oriented design taught me something more than coding better for hardware. It taught me that it doesn't matter what you're doing, as long as you want to do it well, you need to be able to measure how well you're doing. If you aren't measuring your progr...

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One month to make a game

That was the plan, and we nearly stuck to it. Extended out to 5 weeks in total, but partly because I couldn't devote much time during the first three weeks. So here it is, what was produced.

I think I'm going to come back to it next month and make the controls and AI better, as the game doesn't really feel done yet, but it's done enough that you can lose, just not easily. Highscore based for now, but +Tony Porteous has big plans for it later.

We're sticking it up on google for almost nothing, and I'm thinking that we're going to treat this like minecraft in that we'll keep updating it, and when we think it's worth more, we'll raise the price, so get it now and fund the continuing development.

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Jeff Minter is being messed with. Regardless of which way the legal stuff comes out, I think that Atari can't really claim that they could suffer "losses" because of TxK, so I think we should support the llama master, and all buy a copy of one of his games. Hey, you might even like it.

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Okay, so regardless of my earlier rant about the quality of OBJ exporter, it turns out they are listening on twitter and they helped me figure out what was wrong with a scene, and have promised to roll out a new feature tomorrow based on my needs.
I have no idea what is going on in the world any more.
Also, my little pirate ship models seem to be popular, and one was featured on their front page. That's just daft. I mean, it's about 400 polygons or something. I don't even.
Oh well, take the fame and the positive fallout from it, while it's there.

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Some of you may be aware that my wife, Catrin, has written a play about the life of Alan Turing called "To Kill a Machine". You may already have seen an earlier version of the play at Aberystwyth, Cardiff or Swansea.
Well, it's been redrafted and substantially revised, but we need your help to take it on tour - paying actors, designing sets and such. We've already got the tour bookings but we need £8000 to attract match funding from other sources. Please help!

Go to the site, read the comments. For one thing, this play is a damn sight more accurate than The Imitation Game. It's also a better piece of drama, by some way.

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I wonder if there's a video of the talk...
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