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Apparently someone in Finland got bored with chopping wood the hard/dangerous way and decided to re-invent the axe.

As you can see in the video below - note he just keeps chopping wood so no need to watch the full video - this new, oddly shaped, axe turns logs into firewood easily and quickly.  Supposed to be safer as well.

So to sum up the hardy folk in Finland have come up with a way for anyone to chop wood.  No more need for blokes to demonstrate their manliness by making firewood (ah shucks).

If you need to chop wood, and don't want to either exert yourself or risk chopping into your own leg (I have to admit that last bit has been a worry of mine the few times I have chopped wood) then you may benefit from a Leveraxe.

More details at their website:

I wonder if Firefighters would benefit from this new axe?

How about deranged killers in horror movies?  :)
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That's just sloppy attacking though. He should be ashamed.
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Richard Durham

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SouthWest Airlines flight attendant / stand up comedienne running through the safety presentation.

Basically a SouthWest Airlines crew woman demonstrating how to keep a plane full of people paying attention to a safety brief when they have all probably sat through loads of them.

Hey I've just sat through her presentation and I'm not even on a flight!  :)

hat tip to +Barry Smith for sharing this fun!
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Richard Durham

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Would you be one of the 20 million?

There are just over 7 billion people in the world ( )

Assume the goal is to eliminate troublemakers.  Not necessarily criminals - but those people who would hamper global domination.

Also assume that those seeking said global domination can kill 20 million people.  Any 20 million.  That is approximately 3 out of every 1,000 people in the world.

Would your name be on that list?

I would like to think my name would be - but then I look at how I live my life and I think I probably wouldn't make the cut.  

How about you?
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Wife and youngest are out of town so the eldest and I went to see the new Captain America film.

Really enjoyed it.  I agree it is probably best of the Marvel comic book movies; as good as the Avengers although a very different kind of movie.  There was a lot of moral to this one.

The Captain America comics never did much for me - but I'm really getting into the movies.  Actually looking forward to the next outing with Cap - supposedly in the next Avengers movie.
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Was kind of like the dark knight. Where D K was a crime drama with batman & joker in it. Capt America 2 was more of a political triller 
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Richard Durham

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Off Geocaching with the family again.  Decided to take some pictures with my phone this time.  A few miles of walking through the English country side with lunch at a pub afterwards.

All quite pleasant - unfortunately the lunch was not great.  If there is salt on the table why do people insist on putting lots of it in/on the food?  Oh well lesson learned.  While it is likely that we will be back to that part of the UK before long for some more long walks and Geocaching I can't see us returning to that pub again.
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That looks awesome :D glad you had a nice day, can't wait for my kids to be old enough to go out doing stuff like this :) 
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At our office we have a Pillar of Hoff (see pictures below).  Basically it is one of the support pillars in the building that has been covered with various pictures of +David Hasselhoff!  

It would be awesome if one or both of these were Photobombed by the Hoff himself.  We could then add pictures of the Pillar of Hoff, with David himself in them, to the Pillar of Hoff!  Would be an wonderful way of explaining recursion to people!

Here is hoping that our Aprils 1st wish comes true!  :)
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Forever and always. I'm always here. #Hoffsome
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Pumping Rubber!

My personal trainer doesn't like it when I describe it this way but really the weights we use are all rubber coated so Pumping Iron just doesn't seem to be the correct term anymore.  :)

Besides it is funny to see peoples faces when I say I've been pumping rubber.

Yesterday was a push day.  So lots of back squats (Olympic style as in the video below) and overhead presses for the weights bit and then pushups and box steps for the fitness bit.

Boy am I sore today!  Good sore though - not injury just my body reminding me that I actually did stuff yesterday.

Friday is a pull day - so Deadlifts and bent rows.  Seriously weight lifters have some odd names they give some of these moves!  But the stuff works and I actually enjoy doing it - always an important consideration in any exercise.

That said I still enjoy the sledge hammer and tractor tire combination - hammer time!  :)
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+Gnotic Pasta yes.  I have been getting personal training at a CrossFit box for over a year now.

My trainer has to work around my previous injuries and issues (broken foot, dodgy should, questionable knees, poor upper body strength, overweight, etc). I have been showing a lot of improvement and enjoying myself at the same time.
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My wife and our youngest return later today.  Things that I should be working on:
Clean up the house
Make progress on some work related stuff

What did I actually do?  Went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, again!  :)  Time well spent I think.  I picked up lots of little things that I missed the first time around.  Guess I will have to pick this up on disc when it is available.
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Lots of crap to do, but I Cap instead!
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Richard Durham

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For anyone who hasn't seen a list of the big name web companies that have been impacted by Heartbleed.

Hat tip to +Mark Drysdale for sharing
Check out the list of Websites affected by Heartbleed and see if you need to change your password. by

#heartbleedbug  #euktechseries #ssl #openssl
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Found it. Yes, LastPass will export your entire password vauilt. It exports it in a CSV cleartext format. You can then use whatever encryption program you like to store and secure the data.
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Richard Durham

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Afraid I already know the answer but here goes anyway:

Have I been good enough this year such that this might be my birthday present?  :)

Hey at least this will give me something to day dream about until my birthday (and then again until Christmas)!  :)

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Yep, I could have one of those in the shed :D
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